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Okay, so. Hi. My name is Almie Rose. Almie is not short for anything. If you google my name you will find a lot of things I’ve written and you will also find a short story from Chicken Soup For The Soul: A Third Helping about a little girl named Almie Rose who wanted a bicycle for Christmas, and yes, that story is about me. My mom wrote it. She’s Jewish. We didn’t know it would turn into a Christian fable. How could we? Yes, I’m Jewish. I am 1/2 German Jewish and 1/2 Italian so you can stop playing “guess the ethnicity” now.

I’m hungry.

I’m a writer from Los Angeles. In addition to this blog I also write for HelloGiggles, XoJane, Thought Catalog, The Gaggle, We Love Dates, The Frisky, and Genlux Magazine. I wrote a book, I Forgot To Be Famous, and it is out now. It is only $2.99, so if you hate it, it will at least be the cheapest mistake you ever made. You can follow me on twitter @apocalypstick. My favorite pastime is eating and drinking and sleeping and then eating again.



It’s titled I Forgot To Be Famous and you can buy it on Amazon, iTunes/Apple store, Barnes & Noble, and other places. Here’s the cover:

almie rose book cover i forgot to be famous

Here’s me forgetting to be famous.

Here’s a blurb:

What do you do when your ex leaves you for his A-list actress ex girlfriend? How do you land a musician boyfriend? What’s it like to make a total jackass of yourself when you meet that actor you’ve had a crush on for years? What would When Harry Met Sally… look like in 2013? Am I hungry? These questions and more are answered and explored by Almie Rose in I Forgot To Be Famous, essays and how-to’s about dating, relationships, living in Los Angeles, and how they all crash into each other, like the car chase scene in the mall in the Blues Brothers movie, which she hasn’t seen, but is not at all opposed to.

Slightly more info can be found at the publisher’s page here.

Here’s press for the book:


Urban Outfitters:
Hello Giggles:
The Frisky:
Get Up On This with Jensen Karp (podcast):
Xo Jane:
SideOne Dummy Records:
The Gaggle (twice):
Her Daily:
(they’re currently rennovating their site)
The Blow Off:
Let’s Talk About Feelings (podcast):
The Hit Life:

Peter De Wolf, The Pete Cast:



Here I am wearing a lion onesie:


almie rose terry richardson lion

I’ve interviewed some celebs for Genlux magazine.

To read my interview with Angie Harmon, go here. (Skip to page 82.)

To read my interview with Maria Bello, go here. (Skip to page 52.)

To read my interview with Jason Lewis of Sex and the City, go here. (Skip to page 36.)

I also have a regular relationship column in the magazine. Here’s an example.


No, I was not drunk when I worked on this page. I’m just full of enthusiasm. However, if you are a vodka company and want promotion, you should totally contact me.

I’ll add more to this page later.

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  3. Matthewandannmarie Bellamy

    In all courteousness, you are great, truly. :) We are so happy to have found you (did you know you pull up as a nice example of a Scorpio during a Google search for that nice Sun sign–we are Scorpios as well)? That is awesome! Congratulations! :) In all courteousness, we will purchase your book if we can–and congratulatations on that as well, of course. :) May the lightness follow you! Thx! 😀 – The Bellamys

  4. Lou

    What happened to the topless videos you were going to do? I think it would be so hip to have someone as funny and intelligent as you do those topless vlogs. Did you ever do them?>


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