Adrien Brody, Guardian Angel.

Adrien Brody, Guardian Angel

Oops, I accidentally uploaded the old draft. Here’s the newer one!


Tomorrow Is Another Day – Gillian Hills


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22 thoughts on “Adrien Brody, Guardian Angel.

  1. d

    I feel very Adrian Brody-ish with ya. Well, minus the trashcan kicking rage. But yeah, I came in this blog all uninvited and just slapped down some “hey just let the good times roll” advice, haha.

    But, really, it’s good of you to notice that American guys do wear their accomplishments like a badge of entitlement to elicit some sense of trust in a woman. It’s a game. Success, money, accomplishments, achievements, power, notoriety.Scarface said it best: “In this country, first you get the money, then you get the power,THEN you get the woman.”

    In America, self-confidence and self-worth is judged upon your ability to attract members of the opposite sex in order to find the ideal mate and procreate with the best donor choice. I mean, American kids are “going out” with each other in elementary school . It makes most things (and people) in America totally shallow and empty, a hollow pursuit. We are obsessed with it, with going out, with attracting people, with garnering more and more attention, more and more clout, just so we can knock on your door and not get turned away…


  2. Rahul

    I’ve only seen one Adrien Brody movie ever. It was King Kong. I feel like this should sufficiently explain my dislike for Adrien Brody. He owes me $11.50

    I got popcorn too.


  3. Tony Archer

    “The Jacket” is one of the worst pieces of garbage I’ve ever seen in my life. Maybe I’m just saying that because every time I see it something bad happens to me, but mostly I’m pretty sure it was just a really horrible rip-off of “The Butterfly Effect”. Yes, I would rather watch “The Butterfly Effect” than sit through “The Jacket” again. This alone should be enough proof that no one should EVER listen to Adrien Brody.
    That being said, if you love the guy, you SHOULD marry him.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      “This alone should be enough proof that no one should EVER listen to Adrien Brody.
      That being said, if you love the guy, you SHOULD marry him.”

      This is such an interesting sentence, loading with layers of meaning. I like it.

    2. Almie Rose Post author

      oh never mind, I read it wrong. I thought you said:

      “This alone should be enough proof that no one should EVER listen to Adrien Brody.
      That being said you SHOULD marry him.”


  4. Leah

    I LOVE this. I always love when you write stuff like this. Fake interviews, imagined encounters with Adrian Brody. You should write more. It makes my day a little brighter. :)

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Thank you!

      …um what do you mean, this totally happened last night.

      Glad you like it!!

  5. Almie Rose Post author

    Man everyone else is getting such deep interpretations out of this and I LOVE IT. I wish I’d seen it while i was writing it but it’s actually better this way. Seeing what people bring to this silly 5 page comedy sketch I wrote.

    I love what you said about this, I love it. “it’s cool, got any weed?” indeed.

  6. Jazzy Gazzy

    If you love the guy you should totally marry him.

    Unless he doesn’t love you, in which case it’s either a loveless marriage or technically some form of rape.

  7. erika

    I think Adrien Brody is my guardian angel as well… he opened the door for me on my way out of the DMV – after passing my driving test! He had just gotten off his motorcycle and if I’d engaged him in conversation, I have a feeling it would have been a similar exchange.

  8. Heather

    Did you see the new Stella Artois commercial with Adrien Brody crooning at a ’20s style dive bar nightclub? This is what this script made me think of. It also caused me to Google photos of Mr. Brody…hot. damn. son.

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