Tonight we’re going to delve into a new thing on Apocalypstick, a little something called “Advice From Dudes In A Band.” The band in question is A Crowd Electric and they’re so fucking cool that looking at their photo made you a little cooler. (You’re welcome.) The duo (Sparrow Hall and David Crabb) hail from New York and just released their new EP, which is great to blast in your Mini Cooper with the top down as you drive down Sunset and is also great for when you’re just sick of hearing “Bulletproof.” They were kind enough to answer my inane questions.

APOCALYPSTICK: If you had to describe your music as a cross between a few different bands or artists, how would you describe it?

A CROWD ELECTRIC: Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Presets, and Bette Midler.

A: Pitch me “A Crowd Electric: The Movie.”

ACE: Two fabulous drag queens from late 80s Manchester time travel into the bodies of two white men in 2010 NYC. Beats ensue.

A: What should one wear to one of your shows?

ACE: Something that would work in a crowd scene in Blade Runner and a party scene in Less Than Zero.

A: What’s the worst thing someone can do on a date?

ACE: Say they like the Dave Matthews Band. Or under-tip.

A: What are your favorite places to go in Brooklyn?

DAVID: Bakeri, Five Leaves, CUP and Manhattan Inn in Williamsburg/Greenpoint. The Cobble Hill movie theatre where they STILL show real discount matinees in the afternoon.

SPARROW: DuMont, Brooklyn Label, HUGS, Blackbird Café, Le Grenier Antiques, Word Bookstore.

A: What’s the best compliment you’ve gotten on your music?

ACE: It drives them crazy.

A: What’s the worst thing someone’s said about your music?

ACE: It drives them crazy.

A: I’ve got eighty bucks and I want to have a fun night out. What should I do?

DAVID: Find someone to love and love you so intensely it hurts. If you already have that person, hurray! You’re halfway there. Then fuck, eat and watch a movie. Repeat as necessary.

SPARROW: Friday night in the East Village: A burger at The Smith, cheap drinks and a game of pool at Blue & Gold, then a night thrashing around a dance floor at Trash! Party at The Studio at Webster Hall if you want to look cool around people in pointy boots. Or Beauty Bar if you want to make out with someone to Justin Timberlake.

A: This last question is kind of intense. Do you like cats? And if so, do you like cats dressed as humans?

DAVID: I always enjoy animals dressed as humans, but I especially enjoy monkeys dressed as humans. Particularly if they’re acting out scenes from classic Hollywood films. That being said, I wouldn’t go to a circus if you paid me. The situation with animals there always depresses me. More importantly, I think Britney has (hopefully) put a moratorium on any more circus-themed pop for at least ten years.

SPARROW: Funny you should ask this. My first date ever involved me taking a girl to see the Broadway tour of Cats. Which is pretty baller when it comes to high school nerds. And the fact that she wasn’t even my girlfriend. That’s right, ladies. Hit me up on the A Crowd Electric website if you know how you want to be treated.

To put their music to the ultimate test (blasting it as you drive around at night) download “Reckless” here:


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  1. Emily

    1. I like the song you posted. I’ve been looking for more music that have this sound, so thank you for posting this!

    2. Undertipping is the worst.

    3. Sparrow can take me to see Cats anytime. Actually, Sparrow can take me to see cats anytime, too. Or you know, whatever.

    Seriously Almie, give him my number.

  2. Erika

    I love this idea, and I am sad I didn’t think of it first. I love the fact that guy cares about tipping, because bad tippers = bad lovers.

    anyway, i love you and cannot wait for the next post.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      i love you.

      but actually the next post i told you about is something i’m going to save for the book.

      I’M SORRY!


  3. Boner

    I usually don’t read interiews on blogs but this was really fun to read. And the song is awesome, btw.

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  6. antoni

    i found your blog mentioned on “The Silver Thread”. You always make me laugh even while you’re falling to pieces from breaking up.
    Keep it up. You have great computer presence.

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