My June in NYC.
Hello everyone. I just got back from the incredible New York City. I used to live in Manhattan, I went to college there. And I really miss it. There is something freaking exceptional about apartment living in New York. I didn’t even want to leave my apartment. I could just take computer programming classes online but then I would be missing out on one of the greatest experiences one could have. The worst apartment is still magical compared to anywhere else. The cockroaches, the bathroom door that doesn’t lock, the uneven flooring – MAGIC. I had a shocking realization today that I’m poor, but before I was, I lived in a beautiful apartment building in NYC. It was on 5th avenue and 9th street, about two blocks away from Washington Square Park. It was the same building that Jane Fonda and Robert Redford living in in Barefoot In The Park, which I took screencaps of a few years ago, and have since lost. So just trust me. I wouldn’t give you any guff.

I love that movie because it’s about two beautiful people living in a “crappy” (the movie’s ideas of crappy apartments are always stunning) apartment and they’re in love and they’re struggling. They’re struggling because their building doesn’t have stairs. Because they’re poor. And in the movies, if your apartment doesn’t have an elevator and a doorman, you’re poor. Like Holly Golightly in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.” She was a “call girl” and so she lived in a “crappy” Manhattan apartment without an elevator but with an incredibly racist “Japanese” neighbor. Whereas in “Rosemary’s Baby” you can tell that they’re rich because their building has an elevator and is basically The Dakota. I love the movies!

I think living with someone in a small apartment is the ultimate sign of love. Living in a studio apartment is a sign of love AND insanity. It’s just you, your partner, and all of your stuff, in a room. There is no escape and worse, you have to share a bathroom. That’s so much love right there. I hate sharing my bathroom. I hate sharing my stuff. True intimacy is sharing a bathroom, let me tell you, Internet. I remember reading an article where Catherine Zeta-Jones said that she and “Michael” had a great marriage because the secret was that they each had their own bathroom and I remember thinking, “How nice for you.” She also said, of their disappointment with winning a lawsuit that was $6 mil, “Six million is not a lot of money to us.” Splendid!

Do you live with your partner in an apartment? What’s your living situation like? Is there harmony most of the time or is it a secret battle that neither of you wants to admit? Do you have lots of cats? I do.


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29 thoughts on “Apartmented.

  1. doniree

    HA! Ok, first of all – Washington Park… that’s on NYU’s campus, right? Did you go to NYU? I’m IN LOVE with that campus and spent a week in NYC (right after #BiSC!) at a conference, with most of my time spent there. LOVE LOVE LOVE that area. And yes, I live w/ my boyfriend and it’s glorious. Was definitely an adjustment (and to be honest, I don’t mind when he goes out for the night and I have the place to myself!), but I love it. You are correct though – sharing a bathroom IS love.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Close! I went to New School University, of Parsons and The Actor’s Studio fame. But yeah it’s an AWESOME area!!

      How long have you and your bf lived together?


    1. Almie Rose Post author

      It was part of a sweet Bowie video exhibition at a modern art museum! Thank you for noticing. xxo.

  2. Rachel

    I’ve lived with my boyfriend for the last five years. We first lived in a house that we shared with two other guys and there was only one bathroom (also two cats and two ferrets). Then we moved into a larger house with two bathrooms and three roommates (two guys, one girl). Eventually the ceiling collapsed on the second bathroom so it was one bathroom for five people, plus all our random friends. There were four cats a Boxer and a ferret also living with us at that point.

    Now we’re in a one bedroom apartment just the two of us with two cats and a dog. Honestly, at this point I’m just thankful to have a bedroom to escape to. Our neighbors across the hall have a studio apartment and have a 19-month-old and a three-month-old to share it with. Yikes!

    Love your blog. And just in case you need some extra loving today: you’re very beautiful.

    Keep doing what you do!

  3. Rebecca S

    almie you’re so beautiful!!! also that video might as well have been a wonder years opening credits outtake.

  4. Renate

    Aw, now my New York longing is revived all over again.

    I live with my husband in a three-story house, but there is only one bathroom. I’ve learned to live with it. Seriously though, 3 bedrooms and just one bathroom. Someone needs to fire their architect.

    We also have two cats. Thankfully they never use the bathroom.

  5. Rahul

    You make THE BEST videos. With THE BEST soundtracks. I’ve been listening to The Strokes for the last hour because of it. I’ve never been disappointed by an Apocalypstick video. Can you edit my life into a clean 4 minute package?

  6. Jaime

    The only thing more magical than living in a crappy Manhattan apartment is living in a crappy Brooklyn apartment that is a 90 minute subway commute to Midtown.

  7. Barry

    I live in a 100-year old tiny house on a south Louisiana bayou and I’m pretty sure it has one or more ghosts. You know how animals can sense stuff we can’t? I have 3 cats and they way they act sometimes, I’m sure there’s someone there interacting with them.

  8. deromanticize

    Ugh, your video makes me really not want to leave Manhattan. I’m moving out to Forest Hills, Queens next month because rent here is ridiculous and I feel guilty asking my parents for help now that I finished grad school. The outer boroughs are just not the same. NYC really is magical.

  9. Adria

    AH that video!! Gosh I miss New York. LA isn’t self-contained enough and the sun is always mocking me.

    I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend when we moved here from NY earlier this year, we did NOT live together in NYC, but its easier here…I think. Outdoor space makes it feel less small.

    The bathroom doesn’t bother me as much as the kitchen. And the socks on the floor.

  10. Bea

    That video is fantastic–ESPECIALLY because of the Bowie shots.

    Anyway, I have never lived with anyone I have ever dated because, if I’m being real, that is way beyond my maturity level. That level of intimacy is mad scary, yo. There is no other way that sentence could have been written, btw.

    OTHER anyway, Neil Simon, author of “Barefoot in the Park” wrote that story about he and his wife. In his autobiography “Rewrites” (I’ve been 20 pages in for the past 6 months, but I swear they were a good first 20 pages!) he talks about that tiny apartment (Groucho Marx aside: How small was it? To get a bed inside it would have to be BORN in there. (actual joke made by Neil, isn’t he cute?)) and how they had to hold each other all night because being an inch apart in that apartment was “not only physically impossible, but was also gloriously wonderful.”

    Really long comment to basically say: YOU GOT IT RIGHT. Living in a small apartment is the ultimate sign of love. I’ve got to work on brevity.

  11. Garnet

    I live with my boyfriend and he’s one kickass roommate. I would say the secrets to our success have been lots of whiskey dates, lots of sex and a man cave for all his shit. Also, not taking yourself too seriously and remembering that it’s just as much his home too, helps. We have no pets and he is allergic to cats and it makes me super sad because I miss having furbabies : (

  12. panfila

    I move to NYC with my ex boyfriend. Before NYC we lived in L.A, Buenos Aires and London and we thouth moving to NYC will be a very romantic and cool experience. We did not make much money and we rented a very small place in the UES. 1 year in that tiny little apartment after 6 years of a relationship kill our love lol. It does not matter I still love NYC 😀

  13. Heather Rose

    My boyfriend and I share an ‘English basement’ in Washington, DC. ‘English basement’ is just a polite way of saying you’re paying way, WAY too much money for less than 600 square feet of living space. One tiny bathroom + one stinky Boyfriend = IreallyneedtobuyahouseASAP.

    Also, I’m going to NY this weekend and your video made me even more excited. I havent been in years…

  14. Ali

    I still can’t believe I missed you while you were here. This is what I get for falling behind on the internet for the first time since I got rid of my xanga.

    I’ll hopefully be moving in with a friend (and her boyfriend) by winter! but it’ll be good. it’ll be good.

  15. Gina

    I live in a shitty studio apartment: sometimes the hot water doesn’t work, there are cockroaches every once in a while, and the kitchen area smells a little on the moldy side. However, it’s free, so I can’t complain. You get what you pay for, right?

  16. KT

    I’ve lived with my boyfriend for just shy of a year in a 4-bedroom house. We’ve had 1 or 2 roommates for most of that time. Boy is pretty good about keeping things clean, if not neat, but the new roomie that moved in a few weeks ago has this horrible habit of making a huge mess in the kitchen…and then not cleaning it up for three days. I was gone for two weeks housesitting for my aunt, and when I came back, the kitchen was a mess, complete with food sitting out for days at a time. Ugh.

  17. Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

    My boyfriend and I used to share a bathroom but had separate sinks, and I really believe if you must share a bathroom this is the way to do it. He could make his mess, and I surround my sink with makeup, perfumes and other delightful items trying desperately to forget Adam even used our bathroom.

    Now though we share a bathroom AND a sink and I want to cry. It might be the end of us.

  18. David

    I live in Manhattan (Chelsea) with a lovely man named John. We both went to Vassar College.

    We are both straight. Yeah, you didn’t see that coming.

    I am actually single, but John does have a girlfriend. The apartment is tiny: 2br on either side of a admittedly small kitchen (it’s pretty big for NYC), 1 bathroom and no living room. John and I and some other girls lived together in college and there’s no issues. They actually stay at her place in SoHo relatively often. I am okay with that.

    I think my NYC movie moment was that scene in the pub in The Other Guys where Will Ferrell sings odd Irish folk tunes. That pub is two blocks from my apartment.

  19. Carey

    I’ve lived with my boyfriend for about a year and a half. Living with a significant other with either make you love each other more or completely despise each other. It all depends on how you handle all the bad that comes with living out of your parents house. Learning how to share not just the bills but the responsibilities of maintaining an apartment can be tough. It took a couple months of getting used to (I had never lived out of my parents’ house and he never lived anywhere that didn’t smell like the devil’s shit) but now I can happily say we got it down. We both do the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning together and I think has helped make our relationship a lot stronger.

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