Apocalipstick the show vs Apocalypstick the blog.

Super fantastic portrait by Aurora Armijo.


So to answer some questions that have been popping up about this new pilot “Apocalipstick”:
1. Does this pilot have anything to do with your blog?: No.
2. Why didn’t you copyright Apocalypstick?: Because you can’t copyright titles/names.
3. But you trademarked it, right? Doesn’t that protect you?: I did trademark it but no, it does not protect it. It’s like when the Red Hot Chili Peppers wanted to sue the makers of the TV show “Californication” for using a title that was also a title of their song.
4. But isn’t this going to effect the pilot you’ve been working on?: No, it’s nothing like my blog and I didn’t title it Apocalypstick or Apocalipstick.
5. Do you hate Julie Klausner now?: No, I think she’s very talented and funny and maybe we can laugh about this over a bottle of wine and some smooth Billy Joel.
6. I am a rich person with TV connections, can I produce your pilot and get it on the air?: Why yes,thank you for asking.


I tweeted Julie Klausner about this and she tweeted back, “Take it up with Sue Margolis, Iit was based on [her] book.” I had no idea this book existed. I tweeted back, “That was really cool of you to respond, thanks! I wish you luck and I Don’t Care About Your Pilot. (see what I did there?) xo” and she tweeted, “haha, thanks lady! xx.” So I have no beefs with her and I love my Apocalypsticks but please don’t worry about defending me and don’t tweet her mean things, though I really appreciate it.

Now, am I going to take it up with this author? No. It won’t get anywhere. After doing a google search I discovered that there is also a band named Apocalypstick. They probably think that I’m screwing them over. So I understand. I believe that there is room for all of us. Remember Conan: “If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” And that’s my attitude about all of this.
To sum up, if you support me please “share” this and just keep reading my blog and commenting and tweeting and being the great people you are. And you can also buy an original, one of a kind, Apocalypstick t-shirt. They’re not mass produced, they’re painstakingly hand drawn by Australian artist Kenize Larsen. If you buy more than one I’ll give you a discount and if you buy my pilot I will give you all the t-shirts.


Almie Rose/Apocalypstick


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10 thoughts on “Apocalipstick the show vs Apocalypstick the blog.

  1. MC

    Not gonna lie, I instantly judged your blog based on the title before I read it and it’s BECAUSE OF THE CHICK LIT BOOK. Back in ’03, I saw a copy of it in my friend’s dorm room, and while rolling my eyes, conceded that the title was clever. Don’t sue me if I start a spin-off blog apocalypgloss.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Someone commented on my blog (I think it was my blog?) that we’re internet sisters or something b/c her name is Apocalypgloss. I’m telling this anecdote pretty badly but let me assure you, it was really cute.

      I won’t sue you, but SHE WILL.

  2. some other chidck

    You know what’s totally awkward… I’ve just discovered you (Hi!!!) but I’ve been using Apocalypstick as a SN for quite some time now… on chats, emails, game toons, old blogs… and now it feels all weird and dirty and copycat-ish


    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Oh my gosh, no, don’t even worry about it! This is my point, this stuff happens, and everyone is going to think that everyone is copying everyone else, when really, that’s not the case. It’s just life!

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