Apocalypstick Checking In.

Just wanted to check in and show off let you know what I’ve been doing. Because without you guys, I’m just someone sitting down for hours. So if you’re really bored and feel like immersing yourself in the world of me, read on. If you don’t, oh believe me, I understand.

First, I made this video for Off Our Chests’s Tee shirts. They are so comfy. Kenzie’s tees and OOC tees are the only tees I will wear. I don’t really like t-shirts. To me they say, “Hey everyone, I’ve given up.” BUT NOT THESE.


Get your own here.And you really should because they donate 10% of all tee profits to the organization We Stop Hate. So it’s like you’re donating to charity but you get an awesome tee out of it. I mean I don’t know, what’s up?


And you should all check out Off Our Chests and participate. It’s such a great place to…well…get stuff off your chest. I may OR MAY NOT post there anon a bit. MAYBE.

Also I’m on vyou now. Formspring is where you send all your questions about relationships and vyou is for asking me questions about anything. I’m having lots of fun with vyou, here’s proof:

I wrote something about the film Clue for This Recording. And check back for my American Idol articles soon to be found on TR as well.

You can find my column regularly at The College Crush and soon…at Hello Giggles! We launch near the end of the month.

The Spring/Summer ’11 issue of Genlux is out, with Petra on the cover, and I have two articles in it. Here’s my regular column for y’all to read in case Genlux isn’t available where you are (I had to make it smaller so get yer glasses). Thanks everyone!!:



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