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A few weeks ago, or something, I have no concept of time, I asked you to send me your BEST DATE EVER stories. And by golly, you sure did! I loved reading them. Here are some, edited for length. I got too many to fit into one post! But one great story included a first date that ended in the hospital because the guy hurt his balls.

Now I want to hear about your WORST DATES EVER. Send them to me at and try to keep them short. You can leave your name if you want to. But for now, here are the best dates ever:

Three weeks after meeting each other (while very intoxicated on his birthday) we went on a road trip from Colorado to Las Vegas. We also died half a dozen times on the way there because we were driving his dad’s Mustang convertible in the end of December at 2:30am through Utah. We had to get pulled out of a ditch by a truck and thought we were going to be murdered. 

Somehow after only hanging out about four or five times before this, we ended up becoming extremely close in three days. We had about 12 hours in Vegas. A two day trip turned into five when a freak snowstorm hit along route-66 on the way home. Not to diss Arizonans, but people on the local news in Arizona acted like they didn’t know what snow was. We spent New Years Eve 2011 at a motel in Las Vegas, New Mexico. NEW MEXICO! LV, NM – that’s a real place! It actually ended up being the best NYE I’ve ever had. We drank cheap champagne, watched Ryan Seacrest, and snuck into the motel pool.  — Lauren.



My Boyfriend and I started dating in college. Since we were both poor we made the mutual decision that Valentine’s Day was not such a big deal. 

 A few years after I had graduated on Valentine’s Day I would make the trek back to campus after work and my boyfriend would come pic me up at the train station. One  year, he surprised me by bring two of his fraternity brothers who I absolutely adored. While most girls might be annoyed by their boyfriends bring others along I was giddy. We made the decision to grab some White Castle to take back to the dorm with us.

 When we got there, we realized that White Castle was doing there Valentine’s Day promotion, where they had table side service. Clearly we HAD to partake in this. So we had a sit down dinner, complete with candles and table cloths at White Castle. Afterwards, we headed back to campus where a bunch of others joined the four of us to watch the Evil Dead Trilogy.

So really, Best. Date. Ever. — Eileen.



I once went on a date with a girl that ended with us going back to her place to start an online petition for Trident to bring back their Strawberry Breeze flavor of gum. — Tony.



I met him on OkCupid (whoops) and it was my first date after moving to New York City.  We met at a coffee shop where I spent the entire first 20 minutes of our date trying to use the bathroom but getting cut off by other patrons.

Then he took me to McSorley’s, one of his favorite “New York” places.  For me, it was pretty dreamy.  New York’s oldest Irish, no-nonsense, beers only bar?  Perfect.

We bonded over fancy hot dogs and talked sports before happening upon a flea market, which reminded him to take me to the best part of our date…a creepy antique store that specializes in taxidermy!

It was amazing.  I’m not big on purposefully weirdo dates, but it just happened we were close and it was so organic and seemed fun, why not? — Katie.



My best date was actually a first date I had with a gal I saw for a short while.

We went to go see Tilly and the Wall open for Of Montreal here in Austin. The venue had seats on the sides which we sat on and played tic-tac-toe between sets. After the awesome show ended at 2am, we went to a 24 hour, local diner. The clincher was when we went to her college radio show (it aired Satudays from 5am – 7am), and I got to guest DJ and play my favourite indie songs. Some of my friends woke up or stayed up late to listen to the show which was pretty cool. — D.


Went up in a tiny two-seater red piper cub airplane over the coast of Half Moon Bay. I did an effing barrel roll over the ocean. AMAZING. — Amber.



For my 1 month anniversary with my now fiance, my fiance had only a bit of money and was living in a dorm room at the time.

So he went to a thai food place (cause I love thai food), and bought all the chicken stuff on the menu (cause I only eat poultry and fish), and brought it back to his dorm room. When I got there he had a dresser with a sheet on it. Candles he borrowed from girls down the hall, a buffet of thai chicken dishes, and an arrowhead water jug filled with strawberry soda (my favorite) in the water dispenser. Ooh!! And Air was playing. It didn’t cost him anymore than what he payed for the food and soda…but it was the best date I’ve ever been on for sure!! — Tawnie.



My brother moved to Amsterdam at the beginning of this year and I arranged to go and stay with him for a few days. This Guy happened to be touring europe at the same time… and would also be staying in Amsterdam for 2 weeks. I figured since my brother would be working during the day, I would go and do some sightseeing with This Guy. 

Within 5 minutes of meeting, we decided to rent bikes. Obviously. It’s Amsterdam.

I had no idea where we were cycling to, but as always, he knew where he was going as he has an awesome sense of direction. He found our way to Vondelpark. We cycled around with commuters, teenagers and the woman cycling whilst her beagle ran beside her with a funny leg. 

After the park, we got take out soup and bread, cycled to a canal and found somewhere to eat by the water.

“In the throes of passion!” he shouted, and dramatically kissed me as tourists floated by on boats and took our picture, ’cause we looked fucking adorable.

After, we cycled to the Bloemenmarkt (flower market) which also happened to be in one of the most tourist-ridden areas. We took pictures of sex toys in shop windows. I searched for respectable souvenirs. We walked up and down the Red Light District, imitating the girls’ dances in the windows. 

We cycled back to his hotel, then hung out for the rest of the day.

 It was the best date because it was so abnormal. We were both in an unknown country. In one of the best cities in the world. On one of the best days of the year. Cycling. Canals. Parks. Prostitutes. — Anon.



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      Oh dear I meant that I had too many stories to post but I will mention that one of those stories I didn’t have room for was about a ball injury.

    1. Tony Archer

      I thought that she was quirky and cool and that her desire to watch From Justin To Kelly was facetious, and since I really loved that gum as well, I was down with the petition. Then she revealed to me just how insane she was. But that’s a story for the crazy dates thread.

      1. Lori

        I once went on a date with a girl that ended with us going back to her place to start an online petition for Trident to bring back their Strawberry Breeze flavor of gum. – Tony.

        I knew that was Tony Archer the moment I read it.

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          Am I somehow famous just from this blog? Fuck. I really need to start my own blog. I just don’t want to subject the world to that kind of madness!

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    well this was all adorable. I like that I got the same effect of watching a chick flick in a fraction of the time! That is some awfully efficient mood boosting.

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