Blind Dates (Apparently Still Exist).

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I got a special request to do a post about blind dates. I always take special requests into consideration, btw. Just email me or internet me in some other form.

Is it still politically correct to use the term “blind date”? The more I think about it the more uncomfortable it makes me.

Right, so I’ve been on one blind date in my life. And here’s the thing: in this world we now live in, with so much information on the internet about everyone, there really is no such thing as a true blind date anymore. I guarantee you that your blind date has combed through your Facebook. If your settings are very private, then they’ve found something else on the Internet about you, somewhere. The most awkward thing is when you’re on your first date and you pretend not to know what that person is telling you right at that moment because you’ve already seen it on Facebook.

So that’s the first thing, no blind date is without sight.


Secondly, how does one handle a blind date? Remember the show “Blind Date?” If you don’t, the show was about filming people going on blind dates, complete with commentary that was hilaritrocious. I would pretend that you’re on that show. Pretend you’re being filmed and remember, you want to look good on camera. Your grandma could watch this. Don’t do anything on this date that you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. If your grandma is dead, then these rules don’t apply, because she’s always watching you anyway.

So it’s fun to pretend you’re on a TV show because it makes the whole situation just silly. Silly as a toad in a top hat.

Like all those jerks say, be yourself. If you can’t be yourself, be Faye Dunaway. Try to avoid being Kanye West. Few can pull that off. But if you’re nervous, just say you’re nervous. Don’t say it more than once (twice at most) because then you’ll make the other person nervous and/or annoyed. Because the person is probably a little nervous too. After all, you’re strangers. As children we’ve been taught to avoid them but then the Internet happened and that pretty much went out the window.

My best advice for blind dates? Show up. There is nothing crueler than standing up a blind date. At least get to know the person before you dislike them.

Have you ever been on a blind date? How did it go?

If you want some other dating tips/advice, there’s this post about running into my Facebook crush at a party and this post about the time I was stood up. (Though it was more like being blown off than stood up. Such a fine line.)


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26 thoughts on “Blind Dates (Apparently Still Exist).

  1. Tanie

    I went on a semi-blind date once; I’d met the guy once several months before but couldn’t remember anything about him/what he looked like. It was pretty awkward at first, but I guess it went okay, seeing as how I ended up marrying him.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Oh please tell me this is a true story!! Don’t play with me like that, I am too much of silly romantic at heart!

  2. Brigette

    I met my boyfriend on a blind date. I met a girl on a plane, we got to be friends, a few weeks later she said come over for dinner and meet my boyfriend’s friend Mac. So I did and two years later Mac and I are still dating.

  3. Matthew Meriwether

    Can I steal hilaritrocious? This is a illegitimate question, because I’m fairly certain you made it up.

  4. Hails

    Yeah, true blind dates don’t exist due to the INTERNET, but I did go on a date with a dude from OKCupid who I had barely talked to and didn’t even Facebook stalk, so it felt blind.
    It was horrible.
    He was super short, dressed like the most stereotypical “dork” – but from 16 Candles or some other 1980’s flick, and he talked INCESSANTLY.
    He also used the racial slur “chinks” MORE THAN ONCE, loudly.

    I left soon thereafter.

  5. d

    I went on a blind date which turned into a random-adventure, very fun 10-hour date. We were engaged 8 months later, but it ended up getting called off though we remain friends to this day.


  6. heroesAREboring

    On the contrary, miss – I’m a guy and if I showed up to a blind date and the other person turned out to be Kanye West, I think I’d be pretty psyched.

    As long as he doesn’t get handsy.

  7. Kimberly R.

    I picked so many wrong guys that I finally gave up and decided only to date a man picked by my friends. I figured they know me well, and wouldn’t be blinded by my baggage the way I apparently was. I met my very first Mr. Blind Date and we got married about 8 months later. Had a child the following year. Now we’re living happily ever after. Yay for blind dates!

  8. abbie

    I have lost count of how many dates I have been on and I have known next to nothing about the guy, other than that he’s single and someone somewhere thought that it wouldn’t hurt me to spend an hour of my life (that i’d never get back, mind you) meeting up with!
    In my quest to find love – I have too many stories to recount! Some good, but mostly these stories will make you cringe and be glad you’re not me!
    ~ abbie. xx

  9. Bea

    thanks for the mention girlfriend! if anyone actually wants to read..i almost said hear, but that makes no sense..tangent..anyways if anyone wants to read my story about the guy (my exboyfriend- it was our first date.) ending up in the hospital because of an injured man sac, check out mine and my friend violet’s awesome sexy sex blog at

  10. Ann Marie

    Met a guy while going thru an Match and I messaged him to tell him he was certifiably insane — but HILARIOUS. We lived 3 states apart, ended up meeting halfway when we could arrange to be there on our respective companies’ dime. I walked into the restaurant and the hostess said “Oh yeah. THAT Guy. He’s here. I’ll give you an out, if you want. He’s been here for an hour and is completely wasted….” It was barely NOON! So after eating a crappy lunch while this one-time charming, witty, sexy-voiced man stared at me with that Wasted Delirious Grin (was there drool, too? Sure. Probably, anyway.) he said “Can you take me home?” in addition to screaming at a television at the bar because he didn’t like the team that was being shown on an ESPN highlight. SCREAMING.
    “That’s probably not going to happen for ya dude, sorry.”
    And then he passed out and fell out of the booth.
    He emailed me a few months later to let me know “If you couldn’t get a hold of me online, it’s because I changed my screenname. I’m now BreastMan1469.” Of course you are.

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