I Can’t Stand Meryl Streep

meryl streep

Meryl Streep may not be my favorite actress, but Streep from 1976-1979 is my fashion icon.

I can’t fucking stand Meryl Streep. There, I said it.

She always needs a prop: an accent, a cigarette, an eye roll — sometimes all three. I see her acting and I think, “Oh my god, you want another Oscar, we get it.” She’s just so precise that it’s like watching someone build something in a factory: you take a little of this, a little of that, you put it together, and you get a product, which in her case is, a “great” “performance”. Quotations marks are necessary here. Quotation marks are the soldiers that protect my opinion, and I need soldiers, because saying you dislike Meryl Streep is like saying, “I found a bag of cats by the highway and beat them until I saw red.”

Which sounds like a line from a Meryl Streep film. Something she’d say in a southern accent — oh but not just ANY southern accent — a southern accent that’s localized to one country at one point in time. Katharine Hepburn once voiced a similar opinion of Streep; that when she saw her acting, she thought, “click click click” implying that she saw the wheel’s turning in Streep’s head; that she saw Meryl act the acting, instead of just acting. I see it, too. A strategically placed pause. Click. An inflection that makes a regular line a funny line. Click. A look that makes people laugh or say “Ahhh” aloud. Click click click, Meryl.

My moment of “holy shit I can’t take this anymore” happened within the first 5 minutes of August: Osage County. I am so very glad Meryl Streep didn’t win the Oscar for Meryl Streep’s impression of Meryl Streep.

And god forbid me for being a woman critiquing another woman’s performance. I did that, once before, when I criticized Anne Hathaway for her Oscar acceptance speech (and I actually liked her Les Mis performance, her song was breathtaking). People jumped on me like I was a trampoline.

Here’s the thing: I totally get the idea of wanting to support your fellow female artist. It’s not that I want Streep or Hathaway to fail — I do not. I just can’t stand them anymore. And I hate the argument that because I’m a woman it’s somehow mandatory for me to like and support all other women and their endeavors. Why the hell do I have to enjoy everything a female artist does solely because I am also a female artist? Because I have a vagina and you have a vagina I should be your biggest fan? Hell no. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what Streep has done for women actors. And I think she’s a strong, beautiful woman. It’s just the




that drives me insane and away.


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82 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand Meryl Streep

  1. Annie

    I feel indiferent to Steep, but I totally understand what you say. I mean, I don’t know her work very well, but indeed I like what I know about her work. I am with you in what you say abou having to support another female. I am feminist of course, but there are certain times where you will just have a different opinion, even if they are women too.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I can’t tell if you’re being snarky or not, so I’ll answer anyway, in case you’re not being snarky. I use the term artist loosely, the way we use it to define writers, actors, photographers, and such, without having to individually list their professions. “Artist” is a blanket term for creative jobs and minds.

      1. Tyler Smith

        If you wrote this article, then I think you are a jealous bitch. Meryl Streep is the greatest actress of all time better than Katharine Hepburn who played herself all the time. Even though she was great, Meryl’s talent surpasses her by a lot. Watch Sophie’s Choice and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Meryl chooses the most difficult roles with not only the notion of winning an Oscar but to stretch herself as wide as she can and to challenge herself as well. I also think the other hateful bitches are jealous of her as well. Let me say Jealousy is a killer in this industry. Instead of hating on a legend why don’t you learn from her? By the way are you even an actress? Film Critic? Your opinion is your opinion but your explanations are stupid may I say.

        1. Joanna

          I couldn’t agree more Tyler. And she also learnt to speak German with Polish accent just for that movie. Ans for Music of the Heart she learnt to play violin. Did Katharine Hepburn do anything like that? Ohhhhh let me see. NO. People we know that you are trying to make yourselves feel better by saying all these bullshits and trying to prove that she is not a good actress but there is no need to do that because the only thing that you are doing is making yourselves seem stupid and jealous bitches. So stop trying to question her talent.

          1. MerylIsWayOverrated

            She didn’t “learn” German and Polish – like any actor (Deniro and Pacino) she learned certain lines in another language using dialogue coaches. You are acting like she became fluent. In reality good actors don’t have to rely on these little “tricks” to convince people they are capable of invoking a large range of emotion. Streep is an acting machine – cold and robotic with focus. Some people are fooled by this whereas others who know better aren’t. She is overrated anyway you look at it.

        2. MerylIsWayOverrated

          Is that you Cameron – from Modern Family ? Sorry – she is not the greatest actress of all time. She is a very precise, clinical, calculated actress who has lots of experience “acting” and it always shows. I saw her in “The Devil Wears Prada” and was amazed at how one-dimensional and flat she was – yet she was praised for that role as if was a challenging role. Overrated, overrated, overrated. If there is anything to be learned form her is that connections are everything and she has clearly worked the politics of the film industry quite well.

    2. moron

      Michael Jackson is an artist( if we take talent in to the account) ! And the best, to be honest ! Otherwise painting some crap, also makes you artist. Presenting a nude dance and performance in wacky way can also make you an artist lol.
      Actors in general are not artists !
      The writers, the dialogues, direction(to a certain level) and background music/score makes a movie good. People with good looks and good flexible face expressions make it good in hollywood. ‘Good actor’ is a stupid term in general.

  2. JennyExplainsItAll

    Funny, the very reasons I adore Meryl Streep are the same reasons you dislike her. I get it, though, and I appreciate that being anti-Meryl does not in any way equal being anti-woman. There are a number of actors who elicit that response in me–same ol’ role, different film…

  3. Stacey

    This is how I feel about Johnny Depp. I know that’s an unpopular opinion but I feel like Johnny Depp is always playing Johnny Depp.

    And don’t get me started about Leonardo Dicaprio either. I am not weeping over the fact he lost out on another oscar unlike the rest of the internet (although his Blood Diamond performance was pretty impressive).

    P.S. You and my Mom should talk. She dislikes Meryl Streep for the same exact reasons. I am indifferent on Meryl

  4. Amanda

    SHE ANNOYS THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Some weird part of me respects her as a classic actress, but OMG she annoys me so much. The final straw was when she won an Oscar a few years ago and said something along the lines of “I’m up here a lot, so it’s not that big of a deal for me.” Anne Hathaway also drives me up a wall, though I tend to like her movies more than Meryl’s.

    1. Tyler Smith

      You’re stupid, Meryl Streep never said that when she won an Oscar. She has only won three times and she never said that. I think you’re a dumb bitch. Get your facts straight.

      1. Kat41150

        @Tyler Smith: What exactly is wrong with you? You’re almost hysterical, swearing and calling people names, because they disagree with your opinion of an actress. Aside from needing anger management classes, you need to get a grip on yourself. People don’t have to agree with you. It’s not a matter of being right or wrong, these are opinions and we all get to have them. Grow up.

        And I find Meryl Streep annoying as f@@k.

  5. Thomas Orr

    No I do not have a vagina….but I admire greatly the level of acting that Meryl Streep brings with each new performance. I believe that a great director would mirror her performance so that she could better see herself from outside her craft. If you look at each performance as a series of moments….then I am confident that you will see her brilliance “in moments.” My hope is that there will be a performance soon with all the moments at that high level. Other than Vanessa Redgrave, I can think of no other in her league. I find it difficult to read a review which tries to destroy her artistry. She must be allowed to continue to raise the level of acting to new heights.

    1. Tyler Smith

      Thank you! Someone actually sees what I see. I completely agree with you, Meryl is a true actress and probably the best. She definitely challenges herself and immerses herself with every role.

    2. anonymous

      Wow its true people are worshipful of their little streep. Any criticism is equated to trying to destroy her. This is an actress that is only concerned with the optics. PR stunts seem a natural choice, digging into characters and questioning the role? Nah why bother toe the line as all conventional actors/actresses do

    3. Steven LaVigne

      Yes, Vanessa Redgrave, but also, Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett, Sylvia Sidney, Diane Keaton, Jane Horrocks, Joanna Lumley, Diana Rigg, Angela Lansbury, Patricia Neal, Cary Grant, James Cagney, Lon Chaney, Lillian Gish, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Gena Rowlands, Ben Gazzara, Eileen Heckart, Jim Broadbent, Alec Guinness, David Niven, Wendy Hiller, Vivien Leigh, Kim Stanley, Celia Johnson, Joan Hickson, David Suchet, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Richard Burton, Christopher Plummer, Julie Christie, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, Jeremy Irons, Alan Bates, Peter Finch, Lily Tomlin, Peter O’Toole, Derek Jacobi, Sian Phillips, Zoe Wanamaker, Julie Harris, Henry Fonda. Does this list indicate performers who raise the level of acting to new heights without a smirk on their face or a pretentious accent?

      1. Overacting Becomes Her

        With so many wonderful and utterly believable actresses out there to choose from, it really is a disgrace the way the critics have handed the mantle of Greatest Actress Ever to Streep, carte blanche. How can she be the best of the best when her acting never even looks like she’s playing a real person? As Pauline Kael put it, “She’s an android.”

    4. Charmette

      Oh Gawd, I cannot stand her either, she is cold, cold cold, I never feel one bit moved by her performances, we should have been bent over double weeping at Sophie’s Choice! Sally Field’s would have nailed it better, and please Thomas Orr, don’t you think it is time by now that her brilliance as you call it should have come together. Yes Vanessa is a great actress, but I must say, not always, I saw her in a production on Broadway in Orpheus Descending and could not believe how bad she was, as was her Italian accent and I was there the night she decided to do a nude scene for the first time, and though she has a great body for a 50 year old, not only did her decision to be nude take on right out of the play, it was soooo wrong for a play set in a small southern town in the 50s set in a store with big picture windows so that any passerby could have seen her stroll naked through the store. Strep’s league be damned. I am an actress, trained by Uta Hagen when I was younger and I do work professionally, not as often as I would like but I keep on doing small acting jobs and keep going to classes to stretch as you put it. If I could only actually care about any of the characters she plays, if I could feel anything for them, rather than oh, there is Meryl doing her tricks. Nice tricks but tricks and I feel nothing. Uta used to say that she loved nothing better than going to the theater and getting swept away by a real human being on stage. I do not think she meant a few moments here and there. And if you have ever seen her in Angels in
      America, that phone scene , where you cannot possibly believe she is talking to anyone!!!
      By all accounts she is a lovely person, and her tricks are really good, very good, but that is not acting to me. I am so glad other people see through her. So, me? I never want to rise to her level of acting! I want to be a real human being when I act.

  6. Yalei

    Man, the amount of accolades that this woman receives baffles me.
    Yes i know she cooked a meal and cleaned up after herself when she hosted a group of journalists at her home but like…. seriously?

    1. a

      I am probably a few years older than u so u can understand how sick I am of having to see it year on year at the Oscars !

  7. Movie buff

    I personally think that Meryl Streep is a marvellously brilliant actress, however I understand why you don’t like her, at rare occasions I also find her slightly annoying.

    1. a

      Takes one to know one – u think we cannot see how u inserted the word ‘rare’, and ‘sometimes’ – u have to be mediocre to be politically correct !!

  8. nick

    I do not understand what is so annoying.about her. Because she beat Katharine Hepburn’s record on Oscar nominations? Because she is widely considered one of the greatest actresses alive? What is wrong with a person getting rightfully praised? She is an actor. She is supposed to be precise. It seems more like a hate on her rather than criticism. And that is annoying.

    1. Muttix

      I agree. Being precise is the entire point of acting. I love Meryl Streep because when I watch a movie she’s in, I’m not watching Meryl Streep. I’m watching her character. Watching Hepburne was always the same, I was watching Hepburne play a character, albeit well, but an actress portraying a role just the same. I believe that the criticism is just a bit of the green-eyed monster taking a bow for being ‘too perfect’ should never be a character flaw, especially in one’s profession.

      1. BoringMeryl

        Precise is one thing – robotic is another. She is an acting machine – for those who like that kind of thing. Maybe you don’t require much range from movie characters but forgive those of us who do especially when those characters are being over praised for doing what any decent actress, given the chance, could easily do.

    2. Tyler Smith

      I agree with you Nick. People are hateful bitches who are just jealous of her talent.

      1. Anonymous

        Get of her dick fanboy, you remind me someone that would stalk and murder your favorite actor/actress

  9. French vagina

    (1st of all sorry if i make mistakes, i am french). I totally get your article although Meryl doesnt annoy me as much as she annoys you. But I see what you see especially since i study acting too (don’t worry im not saying i’m better than Meryl Streep!). Her work is very precise, too precise actually. She likes saying in interviews that she lets “accidents ” happen in a scene so that she never knows how she is going to react (which is the essence of acting i think). But when i see her, i don’t see those ‘”accidents ” happening.
    I love her first movies though. Have you tried watching Silkwood? She’s young, spontaneous and much more vulnerable.

  10. Deidra

    I don’t like the Streep as an actress. For some reason, she always looks like she is saying, “I am so good. Look at me. I am so good.” So, that distracts me. As a woman, she always seems arrogant. Even when she praises a colleague, she always refers to herself to show how good she is. As the great Hepburn said, “click… click… click.”

    1. Tyler Smith

      Another dumb bitch over here. She never says that so get your facts straight Deidra. Are we even talking about the same person?

  11. Robert

    First, you are annoyingly stupid. How on god’s green earth are you even qualified on diminish the brilliance of Meryl Streep. Acting is both organic and strategic. If an actor has techniques on approaching any character, and then completely become that character why is that wrong, hello acting is a process and every actor, including Katherine, had hers. So in closing you’re a complete idiot, and I’m sure you have maaaany annoying clicks!


    1. Steven LaVigne

      You want to see great acting, Robert? Look at how Vanessa Redgrave moves her body without dialogue during the grave scene in Letters to Juliet. That’s acting. See anything Davis, Sylvia Sidney, both Katharine and Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Cary Grant and Jeremy Irons have done. They know how to interpret a character without showing off the way Streep does. Furthermore, she went to Vassar and any actress who went to Vassar has a smirk frozen on her face. Jane Fonda and Candace Bergen have lost the smirk. Streep never has. That’s why I never believe her as an actor and why I can’t stand her!!!

      1. Overacting Becomes Her

        Streep often doesn’t even interpret the character at all. She just barrages the viewer with her accents and overwrought mannerisms but it doesn’t amount to an actual flesh and blood character. Pauline Kael was right: you can’t visualize her from the neck down because her characters don’t seem to have bodies, they’re purely intellectualized conceptions. There’s no “there” there.

  12. a

    I agree Meryl Streep is just how the post says she is. She is very boring and not for me. I enjoy an actress who has talent and is versatile. I am not an actress and I don’t care for those fans of hers who think one has to be an actress to offer a critique. I would shout it from the rooftops !

  13. Anonymous

    Interesting – you say, “Katharine Hepburn once voiced a similar opinion of Streep; that when she saw her acting, she thought, “click click click”

    That’s exactly how I would characterize every one of Hepburns’s overrated performances. Phoney, fakey, click click click A shallow, stupid, overprivileged nasty actress who makes Streep look all the better. Dorothy Parker was right on the mark when she supposedly said that Hepburn’s performances ran the gamut of emotions from A to B.

    1. Overacting Becomes Her

      Another nasty, whiney passive-aggressive Meryl fan, who thinks we’re all universally obligated to bow down before the most overrated actress of all time. I don’t have anything against her personally, even though she’s criminally overrated (the “click click click” description is bull’s eye accurate), but some of her fans are insufferable.

      Hepburn was dead right, and Hepburn was also a vastly better actress than Streep. And unfortunately for you, you can disparage Hepburn all you want, but she has the classic films to back up her rep, whereas Meryl doesn’t. Streep has literally never been in a masterpiece, whereas Hepburn has a long string of classics to her name. The only movie Streep has done that makes the all-time great lists on a regular basis is The Deer Hunter, and she only has a small supporting role in that, and she doesn’t make as much of an impression as De Niro and Walken. Whereas Hepburn has numerous all-time great films and she plays lead in all of them.

      1. Overacting Becomes Her

        Oh, and by the way, try doing your homework. Dorothy Parker didn’t actually mean that, she later frankly admitted she just said that to get an easy laugh. Parker actually admired Hepburn and thought she was a great actress. She was known for her quips, and much like Joan Rivers from a later generation, would trash even and especially celebs she admired just to get a laugh.

      2. Anonymous

        Classics? Why because a bunch of stupid American audiences just ate up the silly WASP act Hepburn reenacted in almost every single role in the thirties and forties so “posterity” calls those performances classics? Go take a look at her ridiculous turn as Coco on Broadway, a squawking, ridiculous caricature, replete with tiresome acting tricks she never could get rid of. Philadelphia Story? African Queen? Give me a break. Unintelligent, unsubtle, over the top roles with that dreadful WASP whine whine whine echoing on the soundtrack. In fifty years time, probably sooner, anyone with half a brain will see through her pitiful performances as those of the overacting over-priviliged harridan she always was representative of a snobbish theatrical and social attitude whose day is done. Her reputation will shrink just like those of the over-vaunted actors from 19th century Victorian Britain whose names today nobody recognizes.

        Oh! And of course you know what Dorothy Parker actually meant because you are such an intimate of Parker’s circle? I love that you did your homework (you’re so smart) – but tell me – where are your sources? Diary entries you ‘re privy to? Maybe you sat in at the Algonguin and took notes. You accept what the supposed pundits from the past pontificated on the likes of Hepburn and take it as gospel. Try seeing some European models of acting that far outshine Hepburn’s. Try enlarging your scope. Give me a real Brooklyn actress like Barbara Stanwyck anyday instead of that stale Connecticut WASP Yankee.

        1. Overacting Becomes Her

          “And of course you know what Dorothy Parker actually meant because you are such an intimate of Parker’s circle? I love that you did your homework (you’re so smart) – but tell me – where are your sources? Diary entries you ‘re privy to? Maybe you sat in at the Algonguin and took notes.”

          Google is your friend, Dum Dum:
          The book also described an interesting episode during which he questioned Dorothy Parker. Kanin knew about the harsh remark credited to Parker, and he was surprised when she recommended Hepburn for an acting assignment: 13

          “I thought you didn’t like her,” I said.

          Those great brown eyes became greater and browner.

          “Me?” said Dottie, “I don’t think there’s a finer actress anywhere.”

          “But what about ‘all the way from A to B’?” I reminded her. “Or didn’t you say it? Or do you think she’s improved?”

          Dottie sighed. “Oh, I said it all right. You know how it is. A joke.” She looked distressed. She shrugged and swallowed. “When people expect you to say things, you say things. Isn’t that the way it is?”

          There you have it: she admired Hepburn.

          “Go take a look at her ridiculous turn as Coco on Broadway, a squawking, ridiculous caricature, replete with tiresome acting tricks she never could get rid of. Philadelphia Story?”

          Nobody has claimed Hepburn was a great stage actress, so your remarks are irrelevant. Many great film actors are not great stage actors, and vice versa. Streep hasn’t done much of anything of note on stage either, she abandoned the stage early to concentrate on film. Neither one is a legend of the stage.

          “In fifty years time, probably sooner, anyone with half a brain will see through her pitiful performances as those of the overacting over-priviliged harridan she always was representative of a snobbish theatrical and social attitude whose day is done. Her reputation will shrink just like those of the over-vaunted actors from 19th century Victorian Britain whose names today nobody recognizes.”

          Even if that is her ultimate fate, you have no way of knowing (50 years? so you’re hedging your bets are you? it’s possible neither one of us will still be alive in 50 years time: how convenient for you to stake your reputation on a prediction neither one of us will likely be able to verify. Real courage there.)

          And what makes you so sure the same won’t be true of Streep? So much of her reputation today is just down to the hype machine and the stupid groupthink of mediocre reviewers that your prediction of a withering reputation decades from now is at least as likely to befall Streep as befall Hepburn. Especially, as I point out, few critics consider Streep’s movies to be much good, whereas many many of them consider Hepburn’s movies to be very good indeed. So already – even among today’s, not yesterday’s, critics – Hepburn’s movies are more respected and and admired than Streep’s. No amount of tempter-tantrum-taking on your part can alter that reality about the reception of their films.

          1. Overacting Becomes Her

            This bit here is too silly for words:

            “”Her reputation will shrink just like those of the over-vaunted actors from 19th century Victorian Britain whose names today nobody recognizes.””

            The reason nobody recognizes their names is that prior to the invention of the motion picture camera, there was no way to retain a record of an actor’s performance. Only with the invention of recording devices did acting become anything other than an ephemeral art. Lillian Gish was a great admirer of the legendary 19th century stage actress Eleanora Duse and studied her acting meticulously. But Duse is forgotten and Gish is remembered because Gish had the good fortune to come along after the movies had become a major art form. Gish best work has been preserved on film, Duse’s has not. But Duse’s acting probably had a lot in common with Gish’s, which means the real reason Duse is forgotten is not that she was “over vaunted,” but because she came along too early and unlike Gish wasn’t able to benefit from technological advances.

            If anyone is “over vaunted,” it’s the scenery-chewing Streep.

            1. Anonymous

              Acting is acting – you admit that Hepburn was a mediocre stage actress. Is there something superior about film acting? Great acting is great acting, whether on a stage or in front of a a camera, and hepburn doesn’t cut it. I stand by my prediction that hepburn will fade as the WASP influence over motion pictures fades. We’re in real need for a cinematic reassessment, when the likes of hepburn or John Wayne for that matter are finally seen for what they were – overrated.

              Oh – and by the way Dusa is hardly forgotten by those who understand real acting. The real dramatic critics of her day had some very fascinating things to say about her – and not just Shaw, plenty others.

              1. Anonymous

                Your post is series of non sequiturs that don’t address or rebut anything I’ve said. You claimed all these 19th century actors are forgotten because they were overrated. I addressed this point: since nobody alive has seen any of them in their element it’s impossible for anyone today to honestly and incisively rate them at all.

                BTW, here’s what a contemporary critic recently wrote about Streep:


                “In 1895 George Bernard Shaw wrote a superb review of two superstar actresses, Sarah Bernhardt and Eleonora Duse – in the same role in a now-forgotten play. Duse, he wrote, created effects “you feel rather than see”. But Bernhardt’s art was “not the art of making you think more highly or feel more deeply, but the art of making you admire her, pity her, champion her, weep with her, laugh at her jokes, follow her fortunes breathlessly, and applaud her wildly when the curtain falls. It is the art of finding out all your weaknesses and practising on them – cajoling you, harrowing you, exciting you – on the whole, fooling you. And it is always Sarah Bernhardt in her own capacity who does this to you. The dress, the title of the play, the order of the words may vary, but the woman is always the same. She does not enter into the leading character; she substitutes herself for it.

                “Streep is today’s Bernhardt. She is not, granted, “always the same” – film, unlike theatre, doesn’t allow that – but she is always Meryl Streep. She does not make you “feel rather than see”. There is not a moment when she is not practising “the art of making you admire her”. There is a great deal to admire. Her technical gifts are prodigious – but prodigious in the manner of a wonderfully sculpted monumental tomb, its dazzling exterior finery containing a nothingness.”

                Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      3. Dale

        Bette was & will remain the best actress to ever grace the screen, & she loved Streep. As for you, you’re a bonafide cunt.

        1. Overacting Becomes Her

          Davis did not love Streep. This is another myth perpetrated by Streep’s overzealous fans. They keep repeating the untruth that Davis selected Streep as her successor. In fact, Davis respected and admired Streep but admired many other younger actresses as well, and she publicly praised Glenda Jackson and Sissy Spacek far more often and enthusiastically than she did Streep.

          If Davis loved Streep, so much, why are there no quotes from her as enthsiastic as what she said about Spacek and Jackson?

  14. Overacting Becomes Her

    One more thing: Streep was and is just as “overprivileged” as Hepburn. Hepburn came from an affluent family, yes, but so did Streep. If you’re going to suggest Hepburn’s wealth and connections gave her a leg up, the same is every bit as true of Streep. Streep actually hired an expensive publicist when she graduated from Yale to dream up a clever publicity campaign for her, touting her as the “greatest actress of her generation,” on the basis of no actual achievement, since she hadn’t done anything yet. And people still buy that nonsense even today. Take off the rose-coloured glasses, though, and there are many actresses of Streep’s generation far better than her.

    Even in the 1970s, marketing and hype were more important than substance. But that kind of PR campaign would be well out of the reach of most aspiring actresses, since they wouldn’t have had the available cash to hire the best publicist that money could buy.

  15. Joanna

    As we can can understand you are a big fun of Katharine Hepburn and the reason you wrote all this shit is just because Hepburn said that she doesn’t like Meryl Streep acting and so feel that you have to agree. Even if you believe that Streep is not a good actress nobody really cares because the fact that she got so many rewards show that actually she is a great actress. As it seems from what you wrote you don’t really know lots of things about her and i believe that you didn’t even bother to read anything about her. Like that she got a Presidential Medal of Freedom and thousands of other rewards that you haven’t even heard about. She won 3 oscars and she was nominated 18 times. Also the 27th of May is a day that has been dedicated to her. And I don’t think that there is any other actor/actress that has a day named after him/her. Hepburn said all these things about Streep because she was beaten by her at the oscars and she wanted to prove that she was better than her but she didn’t really made it because people can understand good acting. She was just jealous of Streep and knew that she was better than her and by offending her and trying to make herself look better than her she thought that she could show that Streep doesn’t deserve the awards and the respect she has from people. Hepburn was just trying to make herself feel better by trying to abase Streep. You can say whatever you like about her but before you start pointing fingers it is good to read some things about her. She worked really hard to get this far. She was not given anything. She worked to win all those awards. She worked to gain people’s respect. There are people that haven’t even studied drama and they play in movies just for the money and the fame. But of course you don’t say anything about them. You just say about Meryl Streep who studied drama and then she did a master on it. She deserves everything she gained because she wasn’t given them. She worked to get them. If she was not talented and she was doing everything for the money and the fame like other people she would have been forgotten because if you don’t love what you do people can see that. But she does love what she is doing and she has been doing it perfectly since the day she started. Some people like Hepburn or even you, can not stand her not because she annoys you, but because you can not stand to see that someone has more talent than you will ever have and this makes you jealous and by trying to abase her you try to make yourself feel better than her but actually you are not. You can not criticize her if you don’t even know anything about her or by just watching a couple of movies she has played. She has been acting since 1972 but there are fans of her that were not even born then but she is so talented that she makes people respect and like her. I am 15 years old and Meryl Streep is my idol and I am proud of it and I will always be. The actors you like they maybe haven’t even study drama and as I said before they maybe become actors just for the money and the fame. If you want to have as your idol someone who the only thing he cares about is to get people to know him it is fine. But I don’t and that’s why I admire Meryl Streep so much. Because she doesn’t care about what haters say about her and she doesn’t care about the fame or the money (she was giving her salary to charities). Those are the people that have to inspire us and have as our idols. I know that a lot of people may disagree with me but I don’t really care. The reason I wrote these was to show that Meryl Streep is not a selfish bitch as Hepburn and you are trying to show her. Can you get that high in your life as she did? No. Nobody can because nobody is as talented as she is. So first learn some things about her and then start criticizing her. And don’t be hateful assholes who are jealous of whoever has more talent than them.

    1. anonymous

      Here are some but not all of some of fawning remarks in your diatribe.
      “She worked to gain people’s respect”, “She deserves everything she gained”, “she has been doing it perfectly since the day she started”, “she is so talented that she makes people respect and like her”, “she is a great actress”, “You can not criticize her”, “I admire Meryl Streep so much”
      What else can be said about your comments other than they are a level of unparalleled fawning sycophancy

    2. Steven LaVigne

      One of the marvelous things about the Studio System was how actors learned as they worked. Life Magazine chose Bette Davis and Lillian Gish as the greatest actresses of the 20th Century. I think all you need to do is watch Davis in Now Voyager, Dark Victory, Jezebel and Mr. Skeffington and you see her range. It’s incredible. Hepburn was especially good when she respected her costar and/or the material. Her performances in Little Women, Alice Adams, Bringing Up Baby, Adam’s Rib, African Queen, Long Day’s Journey into Night, The Lion in Winter and On Golden Pond are exceptional. Sylvia Sidney, Vanessa Redgrave, Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Bogart, Lon Chaney, Gish. They’re all actors from which we can learn. Streep? She’s an exercise in what not to do on the screen. Pay attention to her costars who give far better performances: Jeremy Irons, Cher, Kevin Kline, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis, Christine Baranski and Julie Walters. They tend to carry those movies Streep is supposed to be so bloody great in!

    3. BoringMeryl

      too long didn’t read… But in skimming it seems that you are working way too hard to give credit to an overrated actress whose performances could easily be reproduced (or bettered) by any competent given the chance.

  16. Jd

    Meryl is so full of herself, it’s such a turn off. She may be great at acting, but i hate her bitchy, disdainful attitude towards other actors and her mega huge ego. She doesn’t have to rub it in every time, but she does, and it’s such a horrible character flaw that instead of getting everybody’s admiration for her work, she tends to cause dislike and even hatred. She always seem to me like she considers herself a cut above the rest. Well, so be it but she’s far from perfect attitude wise. I think she’s a big, fat bully.

  17. Bruce Dent

    Seriously? It’s so obvious to read actors who hate other actors because of their success and talents. I’d love to see this woman do ANYTHING other than just trying to be a bitch…where she fails miserably in my opinion. Why is it cool to take someone who has made such a good life for herself and for others, and want to voice a very invalid opinion just to tear her down. God! Actors who just don’t love to see the goodness in other actors, are usually….not very successful themselves. I say to her…when you point a finger at someone else, you’re pointing three at yourself. How dull!

  18. Kitkaty

    Jessica lange.. Now, that’s one awesome actress! Beauty, brains and character, not to mention a great talent! Even Meryl streep admires her!

    1. Steven LaVigne

      Lange has wisely learned to be a character actress. She started this when she played a small role in Big Fish. Her performances in Gray Gardens and the first two seasons of American Horror Story are marvelous. I used to have her on my why does she have a career list, but she’d not on it anymore. She’s aged beautifully and her acting is much better!

  19. Anonymous

    I love when poeple are vocal about their opinion whether it’s popular or unpopular.
    Just so you get me, I like Meryl and I get where you’re coming from.
    The thing that I take away from this article is that you think Meryl act the acting and that’s a an interesting idea because I feel like it means more than what you meant weirdly HAHA !
    I have the impression that Meryl is like a violonist, she knows exactly what note she should play, how and when.
    It’s like she’s aware of herself when she’s acting every single second and that’s why she can control everything.
    Apparently that’s what it takes to be a great actress/actor.

  20. Steven LaVigne

    I completely agree with you. She’s at the top of my list of “Why do they have a career?” which includes Faye Dunaway, Adam Sandler and Meg Ryan. I loathe Streep and if she’s in a movie it’s usually a red flag for me. I don’t see it. In Pauline Kael’s book, State of the Art, she reviews Streep’s performances stating that she picks one affectation per movie and acts from the neck up. In Manhattan she swings her hair, in The French Lt’s Woman, it’s that clipped dialogue and in Sophie’s Choice it’s the accent. I always see everyone else in her movies acting rings around her: Jeremy Irons, Cher, Shirley MacLaine, Christine Baranski and Julie Walters.

    I’ve tried. I just can’t watch her. I only see the gears moving as she waits to take over and try to impress you. It infuriates me that she’s playing Emmeline Pankhurst. There wasn’t a British actor who could have played this British feminist? There’s talk of her playing Maria Callas in Master Class. 1) Callas was 54 when she died, Streep is 66; 2) Callas was Greek. No matter the make-up they use to make her look Greek, she’ll look ridiculous; 3) I saw it on Broadway with Patti Lupone who was horrid in it. Streep won’t be much better.

    The only movie I’ve ever liked Streep in is Death Becomes Her, because she makes an ass of herself. It’s the only time she appears relaxed and enjoying herself.

    Let’s hope she retired. We need to KEEP HER OFF THE SCREEN!!!

    1. Overacting Becomes Her

      Well said, Steven. And even worse than her gear grinding, narcissistic overacting is her obnoxious, shrill, ranting, bullying fan base. Her fans are truly the most crazy, unpleasant, and loathsome fans of any actor. They make Twilight shippers and One Direction tweenies look sensible and level headed.

    2. Kitkaty

      Hahaha!! I totally agree with you!!! death becomes her is the only streep movie i actually liked!!!

  21. Karen21242

    Personally, I think that both Katharine Hepburn and Meryl Streep are overrated. With Katharine’s monotone drone, emotionless performances, and all-around lack of talent, it’s no wonder she was box office poison. As for Streep, she’s an overrated snob who’s… alright, as an actress (The Devil Wears Prada was pretty good), but is far from irreplaceable. I guess for me, you say Katharine Hepburn, I say Ginger Rogers; you say Meryl Streep, I say Julie Andrews.

  22. CarmenO

    I totally detest Streep and somehow I have ended up with non-stop targeted ads for her ridiculous movie (aren’t they all) now coming to a theater some where. How can I get rid of them? I guess I can not. YouTube should have a bottom somewhere to out of the stupid no talent, that someone in movie land most love.

  23. Sil

    I totally agree. She works so hard at perfecting her performance that I can’t enjoy watching her. The head tilted back laugh, the rolling eyes, the closed lip smile all tuned to perfection. She’s over acting nothing feels real or natural. Just my opinion.

  24. Nancy Deville

    I made a comment on someone’s FB page that MS annoyed me and was of course attacked. But she annoys me for a different reason. There are many, many fine older women actresses out there, but MS gets all the parts. It’s all about money. It’s not that she can learn to play the violin or learn an accent, it’s about the studios making for sure money.

    I am an older woman writer, writing about older women and so far agents have told me that publishers don’t want to read stories about older women. That’s probably because I’m not Joyce Carol Oates, who is an older woman who I’m sure can write about older women and sell books. The point I’m trying to make is that, even though MS annoys me because she is a monopoly, I’m not going to blast her with obscene language for being successful. I’m merely remarking that I’d love to see a new/old fresh face from time to time.


  25. holger voigt

    After reading what has been written here, I am amazed. Would we talk about any male actor this way? Probably not. One thing for certain – the label “best actress/actor” is of no
    significance. There are lots of good actresses and as long as we accept the classic definition
    of “acting”, Streep is among them. But there are – and here is an important point – so many
    bad movies around, that oldstyle, classic acting is frowned upon. I prefer someone who at least tries to impersonate different people to certain actors I could name, who are in the fifth
    sequel of the same commercial shit.


    Hepburn was the most overrated actress of all time.

    She talked and moved like she had Parkinsons. Every character was the same. Horrible

  27. Lamont

    Eddie Redmayne. Click click click. I’ve wondered why I hate Meryl Streep, but you’ve explained it and it’s why I hate Eddie Redmayne. Same story.

  28. Mike

    I believe that some people genuinely adore her but she rubs me the wrong way, and I think the people who love her will think those who don’t are just too unevolved and don’t get it. I do get it. I just don’t like it. Now to be really uncouth, part of it is physical. She has this pinched face and thin kind of twisted, unbalanced features and this warbly voice and the combination just irritates me. Add to this an air of pretentiousness, of self important pseudo sophistication, and her adoring devotees who eat it up with a spoon and seem under some weird spell in the process and the effect is truly nauseating.

  29. Marty Rudman

    I completely agree that Streep is a prentitous, overblown, ego-bloated, narcissist. I’ve seen most of her movies since The Deer Hunter. I stopped watching everything she does since 9-11. As she’s grown older, her conceit has gone over-the-top (she’s 4 years older than me, but behaves like a cheap high-school mean girl).

  30. Jon Jon

    I finally woke up about fifteen years ago – call it around 2000 about Streep being just a pathetic overblown fad…….. Nothing other than an immensely over-rated “actress” of monumental conceit and haughtiness. In essence, a latter day Katharine Hepburn. Small wonder both Streep and Hepburn are/were raging liberals, but I digress………..

  31. Alex

    Acting is subjective. Some roles call for theatrics. For example, Bette Davis in All About Eve is very theatrical, but she played an actress of the stage, so it suited the role. I am not a Meryl Streep fan, but at least she played a wide range of roles in a variety of genres. I respect her for that. Katharine Hepburn is the most overrated actress in the history of film, in my opinion. She herself told Dick Cavett that she rarely gave interviews because it was an actor’s job to be “fascinating”. She had a unique look & voice and an androgynous beauty that was marketable at that time. She herself admitted that she was damned lucky. Bette Davis, on the other hand, had to fight all the criticism of her odd looks for years and dared to play different roles, many of which were unsympathetic. She dared to be hated, whereas Katharine Hepburn always seemed to want to be liked. My favorite Katharine Hepburn performance is in Suddenly Last Summer. It’s the only time she played an unsympathetic character and it rang true. Watch Bette Davis in The Little Foxes or The Letter and you will see some of the best dramatic acting ever recorded on film. But Bette Davis was not good at comedy and she basically played herself after All About Eve. The greatest actress of comedy & drama of the 20th century was Barbara Stanwyck. As far as contemporary actresses go, I prefer Glenn Close, Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon to Streep. But I prefer Streep to Katharine Hepburn, because at least she alters her voice & appearance. Katharine Hepburn was almost always the same in every film. She rarely mutated herself. She made a career out of being an idiosyncratic personality.

  32. spongey

    I just found this post after I google “Meryl street annoying” after I saw her speech at Clinton’s DNC shindig. Thank you for writing this – it verbalises everything I’ve found off putting about Meryl for years. It’s the calculation in everything she does. She’s undeniably very smart but she’s just not a good actor. And she’s going to act harder and harder to prove how good she is at acting. Anywya I don’t care either way, I was just curious if anyone else found her annoying since anyone I ever mention it to in real life shouts me down. Thanks for this post, I’m home.

  33. tiga

    Meryl Streep has definitely become a one-trick pony over the past couple of decades. Every time I see her, I am unable to forget the fact that I am watching Meryl Streep trying to show us how much she deserves yet another award. I am never able to forget the fact that I am watching Meryl Streep. I think that this does a huge disservice to both the movie and the script. I also agree that actor are not artists. They are interpreters who rely upon screenwriters to create their characters in the first place.

  34. tiga

    Meryl Streep has definitely become a one-trick pony over the past couple of decades. Every time I see her, I am unable to forget the fact that I am watching Meryl Streep trying to show us how much she deserves yet another award. I am never able to forget the fact that I am watching Meryl Streep. I think that this does a huge disservice to both the movie and the script. I also agree that actors are not artists. They are interpreters who rely upon screenwriters to create their characters in the first place.

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