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Vegas life lessons.

las vegas sign

I didn't even realize there was a bride and groom behind me. Who photo bombed who?

I love Las Vegas. If I could go there every other week I would. This was my second year at the Bloggers In Sin City conference. The first one changed my life in that it was something I would never do: get on a plane to meet a bunch of strangers and share a room with one of them and hang out with them for three days. This time I knew more of what to expect. I even had the same roommate (Kelly! Here’s her blog).

And this time, I learned a lot more. About myself. About people. About life. Here are my lessons. I hope we can all learn something.

There is so such thing as a 24 hour buffet. This is true not in only the literal sense; that as much as Vegas loves its buffets, it doesn’t have one that is open all the time. And thanks to the concierge for scoffing at us for asking. Sir you work in Vegas, and this is the question that throws you? But the life buffet is also not open 24 hours. When you have a delicious buffet, you need to savor every moment and get seconds, if not thirds. There is so much to try. Don’t focus on only one item. And when it inevitably ends, have something to look forward to. Except when you die, then it’s kind of over. Unless you believe in the afterlife in which case, have fun talking to John Edward on his loser show.  Continue reading


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Don’t look back in anger.

Almie Rose with JFK and JackieAIN’T NO THANG, JACKIE.

Summer is coming. It always does. And every time it comes I am horrified because I feel I’m never ~~bathing suit ready~~. And every year I say to myself, “Fuck you summer, you will not best me, I have a yoga mat.” And every year it bests me. Except.

Last May I went to Bloggers in Sin City, a conference for bloggers (shut up) that changed my life. I’m not one to join a big group of people I don’t know and have never met. But my mom said, “You have to do this” and I thought to myself, bitch please who acts like they have to be dragged to Las Vegas for a weekend? I am so glad I went.

I wrote a post about how I was freaking out about being seen in a bathing suit, because pool lounging was imminent. But when I got there I saw that everyone was in the pool and having fun and simply did not give a single fuck and it made me want to have fun too and also not give any fucks, not even half of a fuck. So I put on my lady swimming trunks (too afraid to go full bikini) and finally got in the pool.

Today I was looking back at the photos from that trip and fuck, I WAS SKINNY. I WAS SKINNY AND I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE IT BECAUSE I WAS TOO BUSY BEING AN IDIOT. That’s just so typical, isn’t it? To think you’re fat and then look back and say, “I wish I were as ‘fat’ now as I was then.” To quote Nora Ephron (or what I remember of what she said), “If I knew now what I knew then I would tell myself to wear a bikini throughout all of my twenties.” And the thing is, unless it’s killing you, there is nothing wrong with being fat. It’s all about your attitude. And your mind. And my mind is poisoned.

(Even now I’m looking at that photo of me with wax JFK and I’m thinking, “I know my arm is skinnier than that, why does it look so big?”)

So the thing is now, I am sad because I have actual legit stomach issues and it is never flat. Not bikini ready. On Sunday at 5:30 AM I woke up to run to the toilet to throw up. And it came out of my nose as well and I almost choked to death and died. And I realized, “I should definitely get this checked out. I should take better care of myself. I should eat well all the time, and not succumb to comfort foods.” Like just now I ate 6 milano cookies and realized it was 420 calories. That’s like a meal. And it wasn’t worth it at all. Ain’t that some shit? Yeah, so my body is legit fucked up, it’s not just in my mind anymore. My stomach hurts frequently (once I had to sit under my desk and rock myself back and forth) and I have to dress like a pregnant woman so that nothing constricts my mid section. Is this not the most sexy fucking thing you’ve ever read on my blog?

My point is this: ladies and lads, you get more awesome every day. If you don’t like yourself today, then like yourself tomorrow. The only person that you have to look like is you. There is no size or weight that you have to be. You do not need to lose weight. That is a myth. What you need is to be happy and confident. If more women were happy and confident with their bodies then maybe we wouldn’t have to photoshop the fuck out of everything.


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What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

Words cannot describe how much I love this photo.

If you’re following me on twitter or are friends with me on Facebook you are probably more than aware that I was in Las Vegas last weekend. Why is this such a big deal to me? Because I went to a conference where I didn’t really “know” anyone. I’ve been friends with them online and the one person I’d met in person couldn’t be there (THANKS JAMIE. J/K GURL.) The old Almie would have backed the eff out like, “a Tonka Truck” to quote J.Lo’s masterpiece “On The Floor.” The new Almie had a moment of hesitation, thought about purposefully catching strep throat, then realized, Holy Godzilla this could be the most fun EVER. And it was. Continue reading


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Deepak Chopra and Donny Osmond.

Me with “Donny Osmond”

Hey everyone! I just got back from Bloggers In Sin City and I have a lot to share! If you want you can see a sneak peak if you friend me on Facebook (and you should anyway! You know, only if you want to.)

ALSO. I am a featured vyou…person. Which means I am on the homepage! Right under Deepak Chopra! So ask me anything you’ve ever wanted to know about me. I would prefer if it wasn’t relationship related but if you’ve got a burning question, go for it!

I love you all and I’ll have a proper update this week! xxo.


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Vegas, Baby!

Hi Everyone,

I’m back. With photos!








This shit is indoors.


My Life With Nicolas Cage: A Love Story.

Enjoy the swingin’ tunes of Ann-Margret. She’s one of my all time favorites.

Thirteen Men — Ann-Margret
There’ll Be Some Changes Made — Ann-Margret
You’re The Boss — Ann-Margret & Elvis
The Good Life — Ann-Margret
C’est Si Bon — Ann-Margret

I am far too much of a nervous person for gambling. As soon as I won I practically ran away. The first time I sat down at a table, my first time in Vegas, my first time gambling, I played Blackjack and I got 21 on my first hand. “I’m out!” I said, and walked away. Then for the rest of the trip I proceeded to eat everything in my line of vision. The endless stream of buffets is how life should be everywhere. The weight I gained was probably the equivalent to that of a small toddler. But it was worth it.

Check This Recording in a few days for my review of Las Vegas! That’s right I review THE WHOLE CITY.


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