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Drinking At Night.

crappy cover art by me

You asked for it! Here is “Drinking At Night,” a mix.

(14 is TGIK’s remix of Whitney Houston’s “Dance With Somebody”)

Download Drinking At Night

If you download, please comment and let me know!!



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Driving At Night mix.

Please enjoy this mix CD I made and want to share with you, for being patient with me. It’s called “Driving At Night” and it’s good to listen to while driving at night. I mean, I guess you could walk. As long as it’s a safe area.

The awesome cover art was made by Emily. Follow her on twitter. I wanna get her to 100 followers! She’s real neat.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Download Driving At Night

Let me know what you think. What songs do you like to listen to while driving at night?


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Happy 2nd Blogiversary.

Two years ago today I started this blog. This was the first post. Yeah.

I just want everyone to know that before I switched from blogspot to wordpress, I had lots of comments on my old posts. I’m telling you this so that you know I was popular and won’t feel sorry for me. Also I want you to know I didn’t purposefully delete your comments. I never delete comments. I’ve gotten such great, insightful, and weird funny comments from you guys over the years and I cherish them. Even the mean ones, of which there haven’t been many, so thank you.

To thank everyone for sticking with me and continuing to read, I made y’all a mix “tape.” It’s not a tape. Obviously. You can download it onto your computer and then play it as you hold up a tape recorder and press record. I did that once. Got a great police siren in the background. Really added something to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” Anyway. It’s called “I Think I’m Having A Good Time.” It’s like those times where you’re at a party and you’re with your friends and you know you look good but you’re wondering if deep inside something is missing because you love pop music of the 60s and 90s but you’re not dancing just yet and you’re trying to figure out why.


1. Come See About Me — Diana Ross & The Supremes
2. And She Was — Talking Heads
3. Ca Plane Pour Moi — Plastic Bertrand
4. Donne Moi Ton Amour (Gimme Some Lovin’) — Sylvie Vartan
5. I Dig Everything — David Bowie
6. All Together Now — The Beatles
7. Nights On Broadway — Bee Gees
8. It’s The Little Things — Sonny & Cher
9. Sex And Candy — Marcy Playground
10. It Don’t Come Easy — Ringo Starr
11. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ — Amanda Lear
12. Sweet Talkin’ Candy Man — The Carrie Nations (Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls)
13. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted — Diana Ross & The Supremes

download I Think I’m Having A Good Time

I think I did it right, but if it doesn’t download properly, LET ME KNOW. PLEASE.

Much love for Emily who made the cover art. She’s super talented and you should read her blog here and follow her here.


We’ve had some good times. Do you have a favorite post? If so, please tell me. I love your feedback. Unless it’s hateful, then go fuck yourself. Have a fun weekend!!!!! xx


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Heaven Is Overrated.

Pictured: not Train.

If you’re a part of my generation then you are more than familiar with the hit sounds of Train. I’m not talking about that Train that Ringo made sure was on schedule, but that was a good show, I’m talking about Meet Virginia, Soul Sister, motherfucking DROPS of JUPITER Train. And I happened to score an exclusive interview with the lead singer. Because I made it up.

APOCALYPSTICK: Hi, lead singer of Train!
A: Oh yeah, like that song you guys have that’s everywhere. How are you?
LST: Train!
A: Right, sure. Let’s start with the tough questions. Who would win in a knife fight: you or Rob Thomas?
LST: I am a peaceful man and I don’t believe in violence.
A: Okay but let’s say you’re in a knife fight with the Smashmouth guy, who would win?
LST: I would. I would stab the shit out of that guy.
A: Excellent. We thank you. In “Drops of Jupiter” you sing that, “She checks out Mozart while she does Tae Bo”. What the hell does that mean?
LST: She works out in front of a bust of Mozart. He’s great thinspiration. I thought I made that pretty obvious.

A: You seem to have an obsession with women working out. In “Meet Virgina” you sing about a girl who, “Wears high heels when she exercises.” You know women don’t do that, right?
LST: It’s a metaphor.
A: For what?
LST: For… (long silence) …America.
A: Okay. So back to “Drops Of Jupiter”–
LST: Are you going to keep asking me about “Drops Of Jupiter”?
A: From this point on, all questions will be about “Drops Of Jupiter” and “Drops Of Jupiter” only. Did you know that of this song and your performance of it at the Grammy’s a few years back, Kanye West said, “I liked when Train did ‘Drops of Jupiter.’ That was the first time I’d heard that song and I was like, ‘Oh shit, this is great!’”
LST: Yeah, Kanye and I are really tight.
A: Really? How so?
LST: I follow him on Twitter.
A: Uh…well, I mean…so do I. So does everyone.
LST: Yeah but I follow him really closely.
A: It doesn’t sound like you guys aren’t that close.
LST: We’re close. I always know exactly what’s on his mind.
A: So does everyone else. He’s Kanye West. He makes it known.
LST: (Pause.) Can we go back to “Drops Of Jupiter”?

A: Please. That song defined my high school years. Well, not all of them, just one. It wasn’t really the full year, it was maybe like six months. Or maybe it was in middle school, I have no concept of time. Then I kind of forgot about it, because I stopped buying those “Now That’s What I Call Music” CDs but then I got to that point where it was cool and fun to reminisce over 90s music and then I remembered the song and got in stuck in my head for another six months and now I think it’s the greatest pop song ever written, but my friend Dave says it sucks. What do you think?
LST: I think your friend Dave is a dick.
A: Oh snap! Now let’s talk about that key change, because the key change is what really makes the song. (I’m referring towards the end of DoJ: “did the wind sweep you off your feet“).
LST: That was my idea, that was all my idea. I have ideas.
A: Was the line about the soy latte your idea too? And, hey, what’s the best soy latte you’ve ever had?
LST: I don’t drink coffee. I just put that in there because it rhymed.
A: …It did? With what?
LST: It rhymed with this line we had before it but then we took that line out.
A: “She acts like summer and walks like rain.” How does one do that?
LST: Summer was this bitch I dated in high school and Rain is an exotic dancer with a limp.
A: You look so good and you’re in your 40s, how do you do it? You’re legit hot.
LST: Trains!!
A: Thank you for this made-up interview. I can’t wait for your next hit song that will nestle in my brain and play in a car commercial.


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I’m Not In Love.

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been sick. Please enjoy this Crystal Castles video (featuring Robert Smith) directed by the amazing  Ian Asbjornsen. I have a quick cameo in it as well as a cameo by an actress who may or may not have starred in The O.C.

Happy Christmas John (happy Christmas Yoko)!


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You’re A Sad Girl In The 1970s: A Mix Tape.

(Cover by the amazing Emily.)


1. I’m Not In Love — 10cc

2. The Air That I Breathe — Olivia Newton-John

3. If You Could Read My Mind — Gordon Lightfoot

4. Without You — Harry Nilsson

5. If You Leave Me Now — Chicago

6. At Seventeen — Janis Ian

7. How Deep Is Your Love — The Bee Gees

8. The Time Has Come — Anne Briggs

9. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters — Elton John

10. Superstar — The Carpenters

11. So Far Away — Carole King

12. Wild World — Cat Stevens

13. Vienna — Billy Joel

This is a great mix to listen to while you’re hanging yourself.

Download here. I hope I did it right. Let me know what you think.


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Tonight we’re going to delve into a new thing on Apocalypstick, a little something called “Advice From Dudes In A Band.” The band in question is A Crowd Electric and they’re so fucking cool that looking at their photo made you a little cooler. (You’re welcome.) The duo (Sparrow Hall and David Crabb) hail from New York and just released their new EP, which is great to blast in your Mini Cooper with the top down as you drive down Sunset and is also great for when you’re just sick of hearing “Bulletproof.” They were kind enough to answer my inane questions.

APOCALYPSTICK: If you had to describe your music as a cross between a few different bands or artists, how would you describe it?

A CROWD ELECTRIC: Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Presets, and Bette Midler.

A: Pitch me “A Crowd Electric: The Movie.”

ACE: Two fabulous drag queens from late 80s Manchester time travel into the bodies of two white men in 2010 NYC. Beats ensue.

A: What should one wear to one of your shows?

ACE: Something that would work in a crowd scene in Blade Runner and a party scene in Less Than Zero.

A: What’s the worst thing someone can do on a date?

ACE: Say they like the Dave Matthews Band. Or under-tip.

A: What are your favorite places to go in Brooklyn?

DAVID: Bakeri, Five Leaves, CUP and Manhattan Inn in Williamsburg/Greenpoint. The Cobble Hill movie theatre where they STILL show real discount matinees in the afternoon.

SPARROW: DuMont, Brooklyn Label, HUGS, Blackbird Café, Le Grenier Antiques, Word Bookstore.

A: What’s the best compliment you’ve gotten on your music?

ACE: It drives them crazy.

A: What’s the worst thing someone’s said about your music?

ACE: It drives them crazy.

A: I’ve got eighty bucks and I want to have a fun night out. What should I do?

DAVID: Find someone to love and love you so intensely it hurts. If you already have that person, hurray! You’re halfway there. Then fuck, eat and watch a movie. Repeat as necessary.

SPARROW: Friday night in the East Village: A burger at The Smith, cheap drinks and a game of pool at Blue & Gold, then a night thrashing around a dance floor at Trash! Party at The Studio at Webster Hall if you want to look cool around people in pointy boots. Or Beauty Bar if you want to make out with someone to Justin Timberlake.

A: This last question is kind of intense. Do you like cats? And if so, do you like cats dressed as humans?

DAVID: I always enjoy animals dressed as humans, but I especially enjoy monkeys dressed as humans. Particularly if they’re acting out scenes from classic Hollywood films. That being said, I wouldn’t go to a circus if you paid me. The situation with animals there always depresses me. More importantly, I think Britney has (hopefully) put a moratorium on any more circus-themed pop for at least ten years.

SPARROW: Funny you should ask this. My first date ever involved me taking a girl to see the Broadway tour of Cats. Which is pretty baller when it comes to high school nerds. And the fact that she wasn’t even my girlfriend. That’s right, ladies. Hit me up on the A Crowd Electric website if you know how you want to be treated.

To put their music to the ultimate test (blasting it as you drive around at night) download “Reckless” here:


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