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I Can’t Stand Meryl Streep

meryl streep

Meryl Streep may not be my favorite actress, but Streep from 1976-1979 is my fashion icon.

I can’t fucking stand Meryl Streep. There, I said it.

She always needs a prop: an accent, a cigarette, an eye roll — sometimes all three. I see her acting and I think, “Oh my god, you want another Oscar, we get it.” She’s just so precise that it’s like watching someone build something in a factory: you take a little of this, a little of that, you put it together, and you get a product, which in her case is, a “great” “performance”. Quotations marks are necessary here. Quotation marks are the soldiers that protect my opinion, and I need soldiers, because saying you dislike Meryl Streep is like saying, “I found a bag of cats by the highway and beat them until I saw red.”

Which sounds like a line from a Meryl Streep film. Something she’d say in a southern accent — oh but not just ANY southern accent — a southern accent that’s localized to one country at one point in time. Katharine Hepburn once voiced a similar opinion of Streep; that when she saw her acting, she thought, “click click click” implying that she saw the wheel’s turning in Streep’s head; that she saw Meryl act the acting, instead of just acting. I see it, too. A strategically placed pause. Click. An inflection that makes a regular line a funny line. Click. A look that makes people laugh or say “Ahhh” aloud. Click click click, Meryl.

My moment of “holy shit I can’t take this anymore” happened within the first 5 minutes of August: Osage County. I am so very glad Meryl Streep didn’t win the Oscar for Meryl Streep’s impression of Meryl Streep.

And god forbid me for being a woman critiquing another woman’s performance. I did that, once before, when I criticized Anne Hathaway for her Oscar acceptance speech (and I actually liked her Les Mis performance, her song was breathtaking). People jumped on me like I was a trampoline.

Here’s the thing: I totally get the idea of wanting to support your fellow female artist. It’s not that I want Streep or Hathaway to fail — I do not. I just can’t stand them anymore. And I hate the argument that because I’m a woman it’s somehow mandatory for me to like and support all other women and their endeavors. Why the hell do I have to enjoy everything a female artist does solely because I am also a female artist? Because I have a vagina and you have a vagina I should be your biggest fan? Hell no. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what Streep has done for women actors. And I think she’s a strong, beautiful woman. It’s just the




that drives me insane and away.


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