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There’s the obvious answer: get drunk. But sometimes you don’t want to drink. Like…uh…when you already feel nauseous! Or you’re pregnant (ew). Or you’re allergic. Or someone is paying you not to. Yeah, those are pretty much the only situations where you wouldn’t drink at a party. In this scenario you have fallen under one […]



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This is to make up for the fact that we never answered your questions when we said we would decide your life. So, lesson one: sometimes, people suck. Don’t drink diet soda, it will make you bloat. If you have to, don’t drink more than one. Also eat slowly, if you don’t, you will also […]



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Here’s a little clip of what you’ll see in part 2 of Apocalypstick & Max Landis offer you advice. We got a LOT of questions this time, so it’s going to take me longer to edit it. I may have to pull some Harry Potter shit and split it into two parts. I’ll try not […]



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YUP, WE’RE DOING THIS AGAIN! We got positive feedback on our last video post, so we’re going to give into your demands for more. (Yes, demands.) It’s the same deal. Ask us any questions you have on dating, relationships, sex, love, flirting, whatever, and we will answer them as we only know how. Whether that’s […]


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“What’s the use in trying? All you get is pain.” — Super Emo band The Monkees“If you’re going to do something, do it right.” — Charles Manson My mom told me a story that when she was a teenager, her mother gave her a silver cigarette case for her birthday saying, “If you’re gonna smoke, […]



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Nice Going, Asshole.

I get it. Sometimes you need to be an asshole. Like when your assistant, Todd, gets you an extra-foamy latte. Doesn’t he know that foam makes you all farty and bloated? To be the best asshole you can be, you must: ~~ Give everyone obnoxious nicknames. Erika is, “The Kay-ster, nice to see ya!” Nick […]


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