Every Episode Of Scandal In 2 Minutes

Do you watch “Scandal”? Is it like this every time? Here’s my best “Scandal” impression. I do every episode of the show in 2 minutes. Basically.

Let me know your thoughts.



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8 thoughts on “Every Episode Of Scandal In 2 Minutes

  1. Michy

    I laughed out loud and choked on my big glass of red wine while watching this ab-fab video.
    Taking a break from wishing I won the lottery to go share this with all of my frens!
    Thanks for being AMAZING.

  2. Alley G.

    P.S. let’s hear your Matthew Perry impression- matter of fact, just do a FRIENDS episode in 2 minutes. You will have 2 million views in a week.

  3. Jessie

    That was simply wonderful. You’re very gifted at impressions, you should do it for more shows, I would definitely watch.


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