Fashion And The Shining

Winter’s here and it’s time to snuggle by the fire and watch a classic holiday film. And we all know what that classic is: that’s right, The Shining.

Buh? Why so surprised, Jack?

The Shining has it all: a beautiful winter wonderlandscape, family, and the true meaning of Christmas (note: conclusions upon viewing may vary).

But my favorite part of The Shining is Shelley Duvall and her wardrobe. There’s something so underrated about Shelley Duvall. I think she looks like Jane Birkin. Actually her voice is pretty similar to Birkin’s too. I think we should put her on T-shirts. But that’s not important right now. In The Shining, Shelley keeps it simple but classic. Even though the clothes have a distinct late 70s feel to them they could easily be worn today. I’m going to show you how.



Danny’s not here, Mrs. Torrence, but hello accessories! A pop of color can really make or break an outfit. In this case the color red goes a long way for this tunic. Redrum indeed!

shining by apocalypstick on

What’s your husband done now? He’s signed on as caretaker of a creepy hotel in the middle of nowhere during a long, cold, snowy winter? That guy!

Keep it chic with a blazer. A broach adds a personal touch.

Hey, I didn’t know Fred Willard was in this movie! What? I’m just kidding, folks! But whoever that guy is, I bet he knows how to cut a rug!

shining2 by apocalypstick on

Before there was the internet, there was this crappy thing! Shelley finds company in the transistor radio wearing a fun jacket. She sure looks comfy! Over and out.

shining4 by apocalypstick on

Hedgemazers sure get cold so be sure to bundle up in
a warm coat. Hey, wait up, Danny! That kid’s going places. And hopefully he gets there before his ax-wielding dad!

shining5 by apocalypstick on

You may just be cooking at home (or in an abandoned hotel) for your family, but why not dress up a little?


This blouse really makes Shelley’s eyes pop! Or maybe that’s just the fear.


shining6 by apocalypstick on

Don’t forget the lip balm to keep your pout nice and…SHINY.

Uh oh. Husband going a little sir crazy? Good thing you’re wearing your watch. Now you’ll know the exact time when he tries to kill you! But at least you look comfortable. Heeeeeeerrrree’s cotton!



Here’s a tip: it’s easier to flee from your murderer in nice thick winter socks. Toasty!


Aw Shelley why so sad? Maybe if you had this luxurious sweater coat instead of a bathrobe you’d be a lot happier.

shining3 by apocalypstick on

Sorry, Jack, there’s nothing for you here. Try The Gap!!

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Instant Karma! — John Lennon


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25 thoughts on “Fashion And The Shining

  1. Vee

    This was kind of delightful. "This blouse really makes Shelley's eyes pop! Or maybe that's just the fear" HA.

  2. DaveyyJones

    Oh my God, someone else uses rosebud salve O:
    I liked this a ton. Might need to go shoppin' later.

  3. Meaghan

    Freaking hilarious!! “I think we should put her on T-shirts.” Hahaha….

    I’d be afraid to look at myself in the mirror! She gives me the willies.

  4. Grebnekkah

    This is one of my all-time favourite posts. By anyone. Ever. It’s also one of my all-time favourite movies, and I have always loved Shelley Duvall, and her wardrobe. Thank-you for posting this!

  5. Amy

    I love The Shining, but I never really paid attention to Shelley Duvall’s clothes until now. They’re kind of amazing.

  6. laurenne

    what up, fellow hippest snippet?!
    This is amazing. It’s my boyfriend’s favorite movie, so I must buy all this shit.
    Redrum indeed.
    He took me to a midnight show around Halloween to see it for my first time, and I have to admit I laughed like crazy. More funny than scary. But the clothes!

    Also, I hate when I keep Rosebud salve in my pocket and then it gets too hot and then it gets all sweaty. And then I can’t open it.

    Also, very excited to make your internet acquaintance.

  7. Valley

    Shelley Duvall is so cool! She looks great in those outfits!

    She reminds me of my sister! πŸ˜€

  8. flannery o'kafka

    Just finished watching The Shining again and wondered if anyone had ever done a post about the fashion…and here you are!
    I think I might write a bit about Danny…he sports some amazing sweaters and collars throughout. And the Fred Willard guy and his high-waisted friend? They were surely the fashion low-points of the film…

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