~~Fashion Post~~ Necessary Clothing Edition

almie rose necessary clothing

It’s been a long time since I did a fashion post, so here we go! This post is brought to you by Necessary Clothing. I picked one of their dresses (the leather fringe dress) and made two looks out of it. I want to thank Bradley Meinz for his photography skills and Eddie Funkhouser for the makeup!

I’m not a fashion blogger, and I don’t have a typical fashion blogger figure, which is why I’m excited and nervous to share this with you. But I think it’s important that we see bodies of all shapes and sizes in sexy little black dresses, AM I RITE??

What I love about this dress is the playfulness of it. But it’s still sleek. Like Ann-Margret.


For the first look, I kept it simple, pairing the dress with a gold necklace and gold heels. Then I had some fun and switched it up with this:

 _MG_0060 A leather jacket with dangly earrings and wedges.

Oh hey guys, just standing against a wall, 'sup?

Oh hey guys, just standing against a wall, ‘sup?

Here’s my dream accessories with this dress:


Leather Fringe Dress

Gucci leather boots

Mac cosmetic

Leather Fringe Dress


Until I have the cash to make this dream a reality, I’ll play around with my own accessories, but I’m loving the look of the dangly cross earrings with the dress — I think any dangly earrings would work with this dress, as they echo the fringe on the front.

What would YOU wear with this dress? Help me out!




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17 thoughts on “~~Fashion Post~~ Necessary Clothing Edition

  1. JennyExplainsItAll

    That dress is great–definitely Ann-Margret! You look marvelous in it. The dorky old practical side of me thinks, do you have to dry clean it? Although it looks like the fringe could camouflage several party’s worth of stains… I have an authentic Harley-Davidson leather jacket that is especially fierce and people remark on it whenever I wear it; although the rest of the outfit needs to stay pretty subdued.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Thank you! I checked out the label and it says you can dry clean it or hand wash it in cold water. I’ll probably just dry clean it.

      I too, want your Harley-Davidson leather jacket!

    1. mindypindy

      It’s not chipmonk, it’s necessary clothing. it does look kind of chip monkish though. i heard they are setting up shop near melrose.

  2. Bazzy

    No, no. First rule of fashion for short, big-boned gals: don’t wear short skirts with long sleeves. It will make you look even wider. Try a longer skirt to extend length and height and distract from the girth. Fringe on the top also adds to the girth. Look for styles that lengthen and slender. The effort is great, but dress smart. You go girl!

  3. Marya

    Abslutely gorgeous! It fits pelcrftey and you look fabulous. Be proud of what you have done with your weight loss program and with your knitting. You Go Girl!

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