FauxReal T-shirt winner!


You guys are awesome. I asked you to tell me where you would wear this hands-over-boobs t-shirt. My favorite answer wins the tee. There were so many favorites. HERE ARE THE HONORABLE MENTIONS:

In the bedroom while having sex just to really fuck with my partner’s head. — Chris O

I would use this T shirt during a long wait in a queue to buy the new iphone 5 this way I would be killing time looking at those who are looking at me, and making friends :) — Annie Avilés

I’d wear it in line to vote. People at the polling place need to lighten up. — Mandy

To my own funeral. :-( — flumpy doobis

I would flash dance in a bank to “I Like To Move it Move it.”, then proceed to the bank teller and request all they moneyyyyyy! ;) – Elizabeth Nicole

When I *casually* bump into the 10th Doctor, ask him for a photo and politely ask him to stand behind me acting as if he’s grabbing my boobs ;) — Lee Lian


But THE WINNER of my very first t-shirt giveaway with FauxReal is…

I’m flying to California in a couple of months. I’m not the best flyer — I used to be fine but now I get anxiety attacks especially with the full-body scanners. I cannot handle those. I refuse to through them though the alternative is not really better: they get a female TSA agent to do a full body pat down. So, please, imagine me, standing there with my arms out, wearing this shirt, as a pair of gloved TSA hands touches me along the bra line…… — Stephanie

Congratulations, Stephanie. You win, because fuck the TSA. Email me with your info to claim your prize!


Thanks to everyone who participated and keep checking in for more giveaways!! I have another one coming up soon.



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