Go Big: The Hottest Trend in Clutch Bags


(Note: this is a guest post by a Ms. Barbie, because I figured we could use a little more fashion on this blog.)

When you think of a clutch, you may imagine a perfect little handbag just the right size to carry all your daily essentials such as keys, credit cards, and smartphones, but 2015 is turning the familiar image of the clutch on its head.

Inspired by the portfolios long carried by creative spirits, larger clutches take advantage of the naturally minimalistic profile of the clutch bag to add exciting new dimensions to the platform as well as affording clutch chasers with some sorely-needed space for bigger items such as books, a tablet or a laptop.

Some of the industry’s most well-known designer retailers are at the forefront of the focus on more spacious clutches, and the fruits of their imaginations for spring and summer 2015 are sure to inspire new perspectives on just what role a clutch bag can play in your wardrobe.

Envelope Clutches

The envelope clutch is getting more than its share of attention in early 2015, presenting a dressed-down and approachable alternative to the more formal pieces popular in past seasons. DKNY, Sally LaPointe and Chanel are just a few of the names making prominent use of the envelope and folding clutch profiles in their early 2015 collections, making it a sure bet as a core component of this season’s hottest looks.

Oversized Fringed Clutches

Additions such as tassels and fringe can add free-spirited flair to otherwise unremarkable profiles, and a variety of spring exhibitions, including the imaginative procession of Anya Hindmarch, serve to highlight how much visual interest such a simple touch can add. The oversized clutch’s origins as the artist’s suitcase makes it a natural pairing for the whimsical aesthetic that fringe detailing can bring, and the oversized clutch in particular is an outstanding showcase for this retro-chic element.


Color-blocking is another popular retro-chic technique used to jazz up pieces in 2015, and the bold styling of the oversized clutch makes it a highly visible canvas for some of the most interesting color combinations offered by design houses in years.

Color-Blocked Bags

The spring/ summer 2015 handbag trends include almost all the colors of rainbow, however, there is one trend we are particularly excited about. Color-blocking continues to be an interesting technique of creating not only smashing looks, but also stylish bags, and this is what Valentino and Burberry Prorsum prove.


Photo by RomitaGirl67 via Flickr.


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