Interview With Chris (Simpsons Artist).

I am psyched and honored to bring to you this interview with Chris (Simpsons artist) of Simpsons Pictures That I Gone And Done. With well over 62,000 fans on Facebook, Chris (Simpsons artist) is internet famous for his trippy and giddy portraits of beloved Simpsons characters and celebrities. He makes t-shirts with his drawings and his Osama Bin Laden tee sold out. Below is my interview with the mind that creates these.


Do you like the Simpsons guy who says, “YEEEEESSSSSSS?”? Are you going to draw him ever?

I really really like that man because he is always so funny and I like it when he went up to Apu in his shop and asked if apu had any milk and apu said he did and it was over there and the yes man went to get some milk and put it back on the shop counter and when apu said how much it was the yes man said he didnt have enough money and then apu said he couldnt have it unless he paid for it and it was so funny because the yes man went right up to apus chest and pretended to be a baby insect and moved his head dead quick for ages and apu said for him to just have the milk and said he was an idiot and the yes man couldnt stop laughing and when he went out the door he said that he wasnt really a baby insect and that he was just pretending and did a massive laugh and a massive kick and then ran off.


Is there one drawing that you are particularly proud of? Is there one that sums up Chris (Simpsons artist)?

I am really proud of all my drawings and I dont think I could pick one that is my best because a drawing that you do is like taking a bit of your day from your whole life and putting it in a picture that you made for yourself and no one can do that for you and it is really good.



Do you watch Family Guy? Why or why not?

I sometimes watch we are the family guys but most of the time I dont watch it because it sometimes thinks it is better than other things and I think that if someone or an insect thinks it is better than someone or something else then it will get a big fright when someone or something else comes along and eats it up.


What’s next for Chris (Simpsons artist)? Can you give us a preview?

I just want to keep drawing like I have done all my life. I sell tshirts with my drawings on now so that helps me be able to draw more and I have been asked by people to write a book because they said that people would read it but I dont know if they would but you have to do things in life or you will just get old and be lay in your bed when you are all old and you will think that you should have done the book and then if you did do the book then when you are old you can read it instead of getting all down that you cant read it because you didnt do it.


Do you like my blog and or my videos?

I looked at your blog and your videos and you look like you have a good attitude and you have a beautiful way with nature and you are kind to your friends and funny about things and you are silly and you have a pink wig and you always just go for it and that is important and you have a nice voice.


I think my favorite catchphrase is, “I’m dying you idiot lisas.” What’s yours?

I really like bin ladens catchphrase “get bent saggy” because it means he is just not taking any more nonsense and is just going to go for it and whatever happens will happen to him.


If we were out for the day together, what would we do?

It would depend where we were. But if we were at my house then I could show you some of my best things in my life. If you stay the night before then we have the whole of the next day so we can fit more in. so in the morning I would go right up to your face and look at you until you opened your eyes and then when you opened your eyes and saw me looking at you I would say good morning and you would smile at me and then you would ask me what I wanted to eat for my breakfast and I would say I wanted a bit of toast please and you would make it for me and then we would lay in my garden and eat it and after we would role over and look at each other until we got sore arms from leaning on them and then we would go inside and you could have a shower first and then I could have a shower after if you want. Then when we got ready for ourself we would go out of my house and I would take you to the tree I go to that looks out over the whole of wear I live and it is hollow in the middle and we could lay down inside it and pretend to be the trees voice and it is so funny. Then we could go to the shop near my house and get something to eat or lunch and then we could go and sit on the shop roof and shout at people in silly voices when they walk home from their work and it is really funny as well. After that we can just go back to my house again and I can draw you a picture of you but you have to stay dead still or i will mess up and it will just look rubbish but if you are dead still it will look really like you and have all your fine details in. then you can cook me dinner and you can choose but you have to tell me so its not a shock. Then we can sit in my garden and have our dinner and you can pretend you are dead posh and put a glass of water on your head and say something like the queen says when she has her dinner and I can pretend to be a film star by putting my mobile phone in my pocket and take it out really fast like ive got a call from my agent about a big role he wants me to play in hollywood and it will be so funny. Then at night we can go and sit in my living room and watch any of my best films which are big, e.t, the princess bride or three men and a baby. Then when it gets dark we should go to bed and you can have my bed and I can stay on the floor because I can put a blanket down its fine. Then when we are lying down I can ask you if you liked the day I showed you and you can just say if you liked it or you can say what would make it better and I could change that if you wanted to do it again one day. Then before you go to sleep I tell you that you are a really talented person and that everything you want in life is there for you and you can have it all if you keep being you because you are perfect and beautiful and then I would say good night to you and then go to sleep or just lay there and think for ages until sleep comes to get me and wonder if you are still awake and if you are thinking about me.


Is there a Simpsons character you just don’t like at all and will not draw?

I like anyone really because if you dont like people then you just dont really like yourself much and if you like yourself then you dont not like people because people that dont like themselves make fun of people who they think are weaker than them because it makes them feel better about their hair or because they dont like the way their tummy goes out and then in near the bottom so they make fun of someone elses tummy because it stops them from thinking about their tummy.


What’s the first thing that you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

When I wake up I do a massive yawn and always say hello to myself and then I stand up next to my bed and say that today is going to be a wonderful day for me and everyone I know and then I go to my bathroom and look at myself in the mirror for ages or 30 minutes and I examine what I look like so I dont forget in my head when I imagine myself and then I have breakfast. Then at night I just do the same but more backwards.


What’s the one piece of advice you would give to anyone?

Dont get sad when a day comes to an end because when you wake up the day is born again and you can do it with everything you learned from the day before and the day before that and the one before that as well and that is a beautiful thing to know when you are lay in your bed or on your kitchen floor trying to get to sleep.


If you’re writing the last episode of The Simpsons ever, what would happen in it? 

I would probably just line everyone up and get them to all talk to each other and tell each other what they love about the person in front of them and then after a little while they would move down the line and then when everyone has said what they love about everyone else I think all the people in the simpsons should all go on the big hill and lay down and look at the clouds for ages and not say anything but everyone will be thinking exactly the same thing about how beautiful the moment is and that is a good time to make it finish.

I like that.


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30 thoughts on “Interview With Chris (Simpsons Artist).

  1. Mal Baker

    This is perhaps the most amazing interview ever transcribed- did you transcribe it? or did he e-mail you the answers? If you transcribed it, bravo. Fucking in love with the run-on sentences. I was cracking up the entire time. And even if it’s just e-mailed answers or whatever, seriously this is pure fucking gold. Sometimes at like 10:30, 11ish at night when i’m walking home from union square with shit from duane reade hoping for a buzzed dial or a text from some guy, my phone will ring and i’ll get all hopeful, and instead it will be an e-mailed copy of your blog, and at first i’m kinda pissed, but then i’m okay with it, because it’s funny, and it reminds me that life is funny. so thanks for that.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      We did it via email and I was going to edit it to make it more read-able but then I thought, no, this is his voice. I’m glad you appreciate!

      Thank you!!

  2. tori

    his description of spending a day with you is simultaneously so weird and so heartbreakingly sweet and innocent that i just can’t take it.

      1. Almie Rose Post author

        Right? I can’t tell if he’s putting it on or if he’s really like this. He seems very smart sometimes. Like he’s in on the joke and is giving us what we want.

  3. Patrick

    His fake ending to The Simpsons is probably more tasteful than the real ending could ever possibly be. If it ever happens at all.

  4. adam jordan

    here, is this guy mentally sane or is this all just a piss take from a genius because its very strange

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I don’t think we’ll ever know, but my theory is that he’s an awesome funny and smart guy who created a persona that really works.

    1. Liam

      He show’s traits of autism, and if he is, it doesn’t make him an idiot.

      Anyone who thinks closed minded, ignorant thoughts, such the one you display here is an idiot. You idiot.

  5. Carl

    This is brilliant! I follow him on twitter and he is a genius! Makes me laugh out loud daily! Ive also got some of his prints, they’re very good!! Great interview!

  6. Mick

    Great interview. Chris (simpsons artist) is great. If you want to see a very short video of this sort of persona told by this really funny guy check this. It’s really like Chris (simpsons artist), you’d almost think it was Chris.

    Please take a look, I reckon you’ll love it.

  7. Jennifer

    You met Chris (Simpsons artist)????!!!! What is he like??? Do you still keep in contact with him since the interview? Will you be doing another interview with him? I’d love it if you could. You could do a follow-up to see if things have changed since this interview. I think it would be really interesting. This interview should win an award! <3

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I sadly did not meet him in person as he is in the UK and I am in the USA. I could do a follow-up. I think, joke or not, he’s entertaining and a very good soul.

      Thank you :)

  8. Dan

    I think he fancied you :O
    I still can’t understand this guy, I’d say hes for real because I don’t see any human being being able to create the whole persona and keep going with it perfectly.

  9. Kate

    I am convinced this guy is trolling all of us. The picture are awful, and drawn on what looks like Microsoft Paint. Why is he famous?

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