Time for another RELATIONSHIP VIDEO!


L to R: Me, Kaity, Jordan. Don’t I look just precious??

My roommate, actress Jordan Hinson, and our fabulous friend Kaity, are doing a relationship advice video. I’ve done them before, here, with Max Landis. Now I’m relying on my gal pals to help me out.

Got a question about relationships? Dating? Sex? We’re here to help. There are three ways to send us your question:

  1. Tweet me @apocalypstick.
  2. Send it to me at my formspring.
  3. Comment here.

We will do our best to answer. We will probably be drunk, so get ready for some realness.

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  1. Molly

    Hey ladies,

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost six months now and I couldn’t be happier. He’s not big on social media sharing (changing relationship status, being tagged in tons of photos), and I’m mostly ok with that (I’m not one to take tons of “relfies”). We also work together in the same department and try to keep it professional.

    One of the photos he is tagged in and appears on his page is of him and his ex girlfriend. They are friends, I’m not jealous per say, but it does bug me a little that he refuses to be tagged, but still has that one photo up. Do I bring it up?

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      This is a good one — we will def answer this. Thank you for your question!

  2. TJ

    Hey Almie- so I have a few questions.

    1.) What are your open ended thoughts on Tinder. From my experience, it primarily seems to be a way for escorts to market their services – there’s no other dating app I know of where the women’s images shamelessly have “good faith estimates” (lol)…do you find that male escorts similarly use tinder in this way?

    2.) No so much dating related, but can I meet Jordan Hinson? I had no idea you roomed with a celeb, from a Sci Fi show no less. I Can you make this happen!? :)

    1. Anonymous

      I know we are not necessarily supposed to be answering questions on here, but I used Tinder, and I’m not an escort! And I actually met a guy on there who seems pretty normal. Well, exceptionally good looking, but normal all the same. I guess it depends on where you are located, and just a matter of getting very lucky and finding someone you get along with and that is looking for the same thing as you.

      I am not together with this guy, but we’ve only just met in “real life”. And I never thought I’d say this, but I’m quite thankful to tinder for having made the connection. We talked for a week before we met, and by the time we did, I felt like I’d known him for much longer already. Even if we don’t ever end up together, I’m still glad to have met someone like him and it would have never happened, had it not been for Tinder.

      (Though on another note, I will say that there are some people clearly just looking for hook ups, as well as weirdos, so you have to be careful, but you just have to find the good ones I guess)

  3. Nancy

    When you’re that you and a guy won’t work out, how do you not like him anymore? (No dating prior, just a rejected movie invite)

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question, can you rephrase? Thanks!

        1. Nancy

          I think I miserably failed but attempted to tell you that we never dated, I just liked him,but once I asked him to a movie and he said no. Lol sorry about the first draft of that!

  4. Anonymous

    What would you do if you were over 20 years old, momentarily living at home (for financial reasons), and you happen to fall for exactly the type of guy you know your parents would not want you dating? Would you still go for it and forget your parents’ opinion, since you’re old enough to make your own decisions? Or would you not date the guy to avoid added familial stress?

  5. Sarah P

    I’ve been exclusive dating my girlfriend since January, and I love her to bits! (We casually dated for about four months before that) The problem is, she’s very busy. She said in the past she usually has open relationships so that her partner can, well, get some outside of their relationship. She’s indicated, again and again, that she’s not particularly jealous and that the open status worked out okay. I’m not against the idea, but I’ve never had an open relationship before. What are your thoughts on this sort of thing? Should I consider it? Thanks :)

  6. luzie

    Almie, i only recently found out my boyfriend had drunkenly kissed someone, and stayed in her bed – but had hidden it from me for 9 months and it only came out when we had both taken drugs at a party and walking home, and i brought up that i had overheard him saying he felt guilty about something to one of his guy friends (this was ages ago but i only brought it up now). in the arguement it transpired that he’d been in constant touch with an ex-girlfriend of his as well (separate girl to the girl he kissed, and a girl he knows i have insecurities about). In the couple of weeks since this has happened he seems pretty distrought a losing me, and it does seem that he loves me, but his apologies have been largely based in feeling sorry for himself. Ive been very busy since i found out, so no time for being heart broken, but my pride is very hurt and the lies really get to me (incidently something which he has not yet acknowledged, hes sorry for the incidents, not the lies about it). Should i give him another chance? (also since college has finished, we are long distance now and am not sure its worth the effort. )

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      It’s too late to include this in the video so I’ll answer it here.

      “but his apologies have been largely based in feeling sorry for himself.” — this, right here, says it all.

      Also, if it was one drunken kiss I might be able to dismiss it, but that he stayed in her bed PLUS kept in touch with his ex girlfriend and is apologizing only to save himself tells me that he isn’t truly invested in you and your relationship. If it were me, as painful as it would be, I’d cut ties. I couldn’t be with someone who showed me so little respect. But you need to do what’s right for you.

      I’m so sorry about this. Stay strong. xoxo.

      1. luzie

        Thanks, Almie, thats what im feeling. Im really to young and smart and attractive to compromise. .. ..


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