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old los angeles apartment buildings

My apartment is not pictured here. I just think these are pretty.

After what seemed like a hopeless search, I found a place to live. My mom will be my roommate no longer. I will miss living with her. The last time I lived alone was in NYC when I was in college. I like to live alone. But I’ve never lived alone in LA before. That can feel very alone, I would imagine. But I am living in a great neighborhood (Los Feliz, hipster status achieved) where everything is within walking distance like liquor stores, bars, and my boyfriend. Perfect! I remember my fear and loathing of Silverlake that I had not so long ago. But people change you guys. They change from entitled people from the westside to entitled people from the eastside. I guess I’ll have to start wearing more vintage clothing and skinnier pants. And lose like ten pounds. And hold a pack of cigarettes as a prop. I’m not drinking PBR though, you have to draw the line somewhere.

My greatest hope is that in all this stress, I will lose weight. There has to be a silver lining in everything, right? Or maybe I will have a complete mental breakdown and be hospitalized, in which case I will get some sweet morphine and have conversations with cartoon characters. Speaking of which, I saw “Space Jam” recently and I don’t even know what happened there. How did that movie get made? Michael Jordan, what? I feel like someone said to him, “Michael, we want you in a movie, you can work with anyone you want!” And he said, “Looney Tunes.” And there was a pause and his agent said, “…okay. Let’s do it.”

But that’s not important right now.

Finding an apartment was stressful. Moving into the apartment is maybe even more stressful, especially since I have about a week to do it. Good luck, Future Almie! And Godspeed.

Anyone have any moving tips or tips for organizing an apartment, or even decorating it? I have a nonworking fireplace and it seems like Pinterest is encouraging me to put empty wine bottles, candles, or books in it. My life so hard.

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22 thoughts on “La La Los Feliz

  1. Tony Archer

    From the people who brought you “Coach” and “Wings”, SPACE JAM.

    I’d like to think that I totally helped you find an apartment since I talked to you about it like right before you went to go look at one. You’re WELCOME!

  2. Zelina

    Congrats dude!! I love living alone and wouldn’t trade it for the world well, unlass the mister wanted to live with me but still mad props to being on your own.

  3. K

    Assuming you have a car, don’t bother “packing” your clothes. This is a total waste of time. Things that go in drawers can be put in boxes, but everything that is hung, just take them off the rack, hanger and all, and pile them into you car. I managed to move the majority of my wardrobe this way in the great migration from Maryland to Connecticut, which was not a short drive. Everything more or less stayed on the hangers, and I just carried them by the armful into my new apartment and hung them up.

  4. mc

    Space Jam is one of those movies mostly made for the soundtrack. I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly!

    Good luck moving, I’ll be relocating to L.A. soon, myself, and haven’t a CLUE about neighborhoods to target/avoid.

  5. molly b

    guh, i got addicted to Pinterest when i moved into my current apartment. i spent hours Pinning clever things from Etsy (like automatic weapons as sconces. awww!!) and pouring through to find the right mix of beautiful/sustainable/cheap (these things rarely co-exist at for things like bathroom rugs and shower caddies.

    let’s just say it’s four months later and i don’t own a shower caddy. that’s what the shower floor is for, right?

    my advice: though the new space will inspire you to try new things, don’t try to make your dream apartment all at once. i think this is a lifelong process that may or may not require a 6-month vacation to really do it justice.

    as for the actual moving, that’s easy… here’s what worked for me: get one friend that is just that nice to help you (buy her a candy bar and pay for her gas), and hope that her man’s man boyfriend with a pick-up truck (do these kind of people only exist in Indiana? do you see pick-up trucks in LA? i literally have deer roaming my front yard, so i might be losing perspective.) comes to help out with the big stuff like your bed. it will all be over in 2 hours, and you will witness some VERY impressive knot-tying with nothing but a rotted bungee cord and hope.

    also, one time i rented a U-Haul van for $25 plus gas, and moved my entire apartment by myself in like… four hours. IT CAN BE DONE.

  6. Lauren

    This picture reminds me of something out of the beginning of that movie, Slums of beverly hills and this quote from it “These tacky apartment houses in Beverly Hills have all these names like ‘The Paradise’ and ‘The Capri’ that promise this life of leisure. But they’re like California tenements, but with this fake fanciness.”


  7. Rach

    You want moving tips? You’ve asked the right girl. Oh what, you didn’t ask me? Let’s skip over that fact because I am an expert mover. So…Don’t even bother taking clothes out of drawers. Seriously. Just take the drawer itself out of the…whatever it is, and sit it on the backseat of the car/stack it in the back of the truck. Also, if you have bookcases/dvdcases/cdstandthing don’t bother unpacking them either, just wrap them in saran wrap and then everything stays in place.

      1. Rach

        Oh-no! I didn’t see your reply until just now…and I want to say that the move has already happened. Soz. Hope everything went a-ok. Did you use the saran wrap trick? Best thing a removalist guy has ever taught me …Or maybe the second, jk.

  8. Natalie {Miss Social}

    I just moved last weekend to a new apartment in San Francisco, and it wasn’t fun. Good luck future Almie. But, definitely start getting rid of things to you don’t want to move to the new house now, because you’ll be too stressed on the day of the move to figure out how to squeeze in a trip to Good Will or Cross Roads the day of, and you don’t want any more boxes to carry.

    Living alone for the most part is awesome because you don’t have to be embarrassed about watching a marathon of Saved By the Bell or Desperate Housewives on weekdays when you should be working. Also, there’s no one to judge late night eating or non-gym-attending. Exciting!

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      My problem is that I agonize over what to give away and what to keep. Any tips?

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