If you’re like me (and you gotta be somewhat close if you’re reading this blog), you’re psyched as hell that Mad Men has returned from its approximate 45 year hiatus. Here is everything I’ve ever written about Mad Men, as well as all of my Mad Men videos. Please, enjoy!

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Advice from Don Draper

“I’ve smelled things you can’t even imagine. I may have even killed a woman with my bare hands. I can’t remember. I don’t know if it was a fever dream or if it happened, and it doesn’t matter, because it’s gone, it’s in the past, it’s in a place in my mind that I don’t acknowledge, because it has no bearing on my future self. My future self is ready.”


65 Best Quotes from Mad Men

“I told him to be himself. That was pretty mean I guess. — Roger.”


Mad Men’s Twelve Best Musical Moments

“8. Don shows his kids his childhood home, season 6, “Both Sides Now” by Judy Collins. Don, sick of lying about who he is, takes his kids to see his childhood home – a dilapidated whorehouse in a rough neighborhood. “This is where I grew up,” he tells them, and “Both Sides Now” begins to play as his young son, Bobby, stares at him in total confusion, while daughter Sally gives Don a look that seems to say, “Ahhh it all makes sense now.”


Don Draper Pitching 3 Modern Products

Axe Body Spray
“He just got off his shift at the bar with the bowling alley in Brooklyn. Not that one — the other one. He works at the better one, the one with a wider variety of beers, the kinds of beers that contain more fruit extracts than fruit salads. He doesn’t like those beers. He likes a beer he can grip, a beer with a familiar sting after that first hearty sip. Our guy is ready to go home. He’s hot. Physically, sweaty, hot. He’s been getting compliments on his 1985 Phil Collins “No Jacket Required” Tour concert tee all evening. Helps with tips. Sweat encircles his armpits, like a dark merry-go-round. The kind in the carnival on the “bad” side of town. This man is a bad carnival…and women love thrill rides.”


From Hello Giggles:


Analyzing Mad Men‘s Next Episode Previews

“Pete angrily presses down on the remote control. The remote control is a symbol for his marriage. His frustration to change the channel represents his frustration to change his attitude towards his marriage and his wife.

Then in the next scene, Roger says, “I didn’t know you were capable of being that bad.” Or maybe he says, “mad”, it’s hard to tell, because John Slattery talks into his tie. But it’s obvious that he’s talking not to Don, but to himself. Yes, he is talking to himself, and I don’t mean into a mirror. He is talking about loud, addressing no one but his own shattered ego, and the scared teenager within.”


Top Ten Best Mad Men Outfits

2. Betty floral shift dress.

betty draper mad men

This is my favorite dress in the entire show. It’s bright, fun, classic ’60s and perfectly accessorized. I want this dress. No. I want to be Betty Draper. No. Yes. Sort of. I guess what I’m really saying is that I want to be beautiful and drunk all the time.”


Gifts for the Mad Men Lover

“The I Hate To Cook Book, $17.42, Amazon.

I love to cook but I love this book. Published in 1960, this is the 50th Anniversary Edition, which proves how beloved this book is. You’ll find easy and classic 1960′s recipes in this book, like “Cheese Balls”, “Fluffy Onion Spuds”, and “Cancan Casserole.” I have a feeling when Betty Francis was Betty Draper, she used this book like it was ready to self-destruct.”


From This Recording:


In Which We Drink the Clean Draught of Mad Men

“Male. Female. Shallow. Deep. Lie. Truth. These are some of the conflicting themes boldly represented in last night’s tonight’s episode of Mad Men.

Mad Men is like a John Updike piece and a New Yorker cartoon formatted into a television show. It’s not so much a television show as it is a culturally significant piece of art that I am lucky to bear witness to.”


In Which We Plan To Advertise In Ebony

“Don Draper is the Kanye West of the 1960s. They’re both creative man-children who get pissy when they don’t get their way. They also look great in shades.”


In Which We’re Just Mad Enough To Climb These Peaks

Previously On Mad Peaks…Don arrives with Pete and Roger in Twin Peaks for his business trip. Sterling-Cooper has a new account: The Double R Diner. While stopping in the diner, Don overhears Agent Dale Cooper praise the “damn fine coffee” and comes up with their slogan: The Double R: A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee. Pete cries.


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The Mad Men Interviews, Parts One, Two, and Three




If Betty Draper Had A Mac Book from almie rose on Vimeo.

January Jones/Betty Draper Impression from almie rose on Vimeo.

From my book


To read what Mad Men would look like in the 1990’s, check out my book, I Forgot To Be Famous.


From Localeur

Most Mad Men Places In Los Angeles

“Feeling like having a very “Mad Men”-inspired evening? Check out these places in Los Angeles. Some of them are straight-up Don Draper; some you can do as Don Draper on a Dick Whitman budget. All of them have that classic 1960s feel.”




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