Naked People On The Internet

Sweet sassy molassy!

I started a “Make-Up” set on flickr in which I take photos of myself in different make-up (like the one above) because, much like a drag queen, I love to see how I can transform my face into different looks, as I squeal with delight.

As I said the photos consist of images like the one above: me smiling to the camera (or staring off into space) from the torso up. A few days a person favorited two of these photos in my make-up set. I thought, “Oh that’s neat” and I clicked on their flickr for more info.

ALL PHOTOS ON HIS FLICKR ARE OF HIM COMPLETELY NAKED. It’s a dude whose albums consist of himself posing nude in various locations. “Here I am naked in the woods”, “Here I am naked in the shower”, and one photo boldly (and truthfully) titled “Erection.”

Here is my innocent flickr set:

I wouldn’t recommend seeing my admirer for yourself but if you believe that such things need to be seen then Godspeed.


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