In A Nutshell Part 2


In a nutshell…

  1. We’re put on this Earth to see what happens tomorrow, because you never know.
  2. It is never too late to quit a bad habit.
  3. One email can change your life.
  4. If you believe in your work, other people will, too.
  5. To quote Journey, “Don’t stop believin'”.
  6. Eating healthy is not as difficult as it seems. Buy some frozen fish fillets in a bag and get some couscous and you’re golden.
  7. Season 5 of The Simpsons is a natural treasure.
  8. If you’re feeling sad or down, watch The Simpsons. The old, good ones. It’s impossible to feel sad while watching The Simpsons. Unless it’s a sad episode (“DO IT FOR HER” omg.)
  9. The guy who doesn’t text you back is exactly the guy who isn’t worth it.
  10. People who sincerely like and want to help you are the best kinds of people. Don’t screw it up.
  11. “Don’t NOT do something just because you are embarrassed.” — my friend Katie. She’s right. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you’re worried about embarrassing yourself. Just dive in.
  12. Respond to those emails.
  13. Never underestimate what an iced coffee can do for you. It could change your whole day.
  14. Take a walk. Clear your mind. Feel good.
  15. Don’t rush things.
  16. Hang out with your cousins.
  17. Stop resisting. Unless you’re in a knife fight.
  18. Don’t take Twitter too seriously.
  19. The $6 bottle of Chardonnay is fine.
  20. Be happy for your friends and they’ll be happy for you. Don’t breed jealousy.

In A Nutshell Part 1.

Photo by Joseph Szabo.

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    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Haha! Try making it yourself, you might like it better. Depending on where you get it, iced coffee can suck. Especially Starbucks — theirs tastes burnt.

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