Please Dress Me.

almie rose bonnie and clydeThis right here is my uniform. Red lipstick, lots of black, and this Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin tee when I’m not wearing a black dress.

Today I start a new job in fashion Exciting! I have no idea how I stumbled into the world of fashion (I also write for Genlux Magazine), it just kind of happened, and I love it. But I have a confession. Lately, I’ve sort of given up on my style. “I don’t know how to dress anymore,” I told my mom. Expecting her to say, “Oh of course you do,” she instead said, “Yeah you’re not really trying anymore.” Yikes. Let’s take a magical tour through my fashion history, shall we? (This post contains lots of photos so if your computer is slow, lollolol). Oh and

What is your daily uniform? What’s your favorite style, your favorite looks, your favorite fashion inspiration? And do you have any suggestions for me?

almie rose

These are my blond days when I lived in New York. I think there is a definite difference between my NYC style and my LA style.

 I think this was photo was taken actually before I went to school in NYC, but when I went to school in Boston for a brief period. I was too lazy to change the order, so you should deal with it.

This is the time in my life when I was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, you know, in case you couldn’t tell. Hair was platinum and red lipstick was a staple. This is on New Year’s Eve so I am wearing false eyelashes, pearls, and gloves too. I used to wear pearls with tee shirts a lot. And this marks the beginning of my uniform: the little black dress.

almie erik laura

Erik and Laura sorry I couldn’t crop you out of the photo, really it’s your own fault for liking me so much.

Again, red lipstick + black = outfit. This time it’s a black tuxedo jacket with skinny black jeans. That’s when we all first dared to wear skinny jeans. Those were innocent times.

Then I got into vintage in a BIG way:

almie roseBefore anyone freaks out, no, I do NOT smoke. It was a prop for the photo. We were going for a Cindy Sherman kind of thing.

I wore that damn vintage dress all the time. I wore it so often that I finally gave it away about a year ago, because the sight of it was making me nauseous. But it was a shift dress, which is my favorite cut of dress, which is probably why I clung to it for so long.

This is beyond embarrassing, but I’m sharing it as a lesson for us all. 1.) Giant plaid shirts plus tights do not an outfit make and 2.) The 00s were a surprisingly frightening year for fashion. The NYC hipster look emerged, and I blame Cory Kennedy for this. Roots were intentionally uncared for. We all make mistakes. This is mine.

almie rose

Back in LA, with unintentional ombre hair. Again, innocent times. This was my Brigitte Bardot phase, where I tried to copy her look.

almie rose

Again, the Serge/Jane/Bonnie & Clyde tee. I really like tights under shorts which I know is something guys just don’t get at all. Also this is the time I accidentally dyed my hair red, which is why I look so upset.

leopard coat

I like this leopard print coat a lot. And when I wear pants, which is something I hate to do, I like wide 70s style trousers. Yes, trousers.

almie rose

Here is my beloved MJ jacket. I wear it a lot. And more black tights. And I like the Union Jack. Obviously.

almie rose

This was for a party. I like eyeliner but I don’t wear this much of it for every day activities. But I like it a lot, esp with my hair here. This marks the beginning of the messy hair and return to bangs. Again, I’m wearing a black dress with minimal jewelry.

Another black dress. That viking helmet was not my doing.

Oh look, more shaggy hair, red lips, and a black dress.


almie rose

I think that this photo represents my style best. Simple black dress, red lipstick, shaggy hair, and one piece of jewelry. And really pale skin, like whoa.

“I wear glasses sometimes. I wear glasses sometimes.” No but really I do. I can’t see things from far away so I need them to drive but sometimes if they work with an outfit I wear them. I like to wear these glasses with a black dress that shows off major cleavage. I like the Tiny Fey meets Kim Kardashian look.

almie rose

So this time I’m trying a red dress with black lipstick. The lipstick isn’t pure black, it’s a deep burgundy. And yes, that’s a photo of Donny Osmond on a wall.

And here’s my casual black dress. And the Marc Jacobs purse that I will be buried with. My other MJ favorite thing.

Oh wait, here’s something different…

lol just kidding, it’s another black dress. But this one at least has a strip of silver sequins.

Same story, different evening. Sleek black dress, black tights. This time I went with a pale lipstick color and heavy eye makeup, not that you can tell in this photo.

Here’s the MJ jacket again on what appears to be a very sullen 15 year old. Underneath that is my other casual black dress that I probably wear three times a week without realizing it. I really like those leopard flats.

And finally…

almie rose

…if I could get away with wearing wigs for no reason, I would. I’m starting to wear them to parties. Not dinner parties, that would be very weird. I’m trying to make them acceptable. I know that one day I will look back and think, “Oh God Almie, no, why didn’t anyone help you” but until then I’m gonna go balls out. Also it’s hard to tell but I’m wearing a rhinestone studded white tiger ring, a gift from my amazing friend Julia. (Follow her here on twitter and here on tumblr). I wear that ring a lot. If I wear a cocktail ring that’s usually it for jewelry for me.

So here’s my thing: I like my uniform. But I don’t know how to make it daytime friendly. And I am in a fashion rut. I need suggestions. I need you to follow my work board on Pinterest and show me the way. Please?

For more fashion, take a peek at the post I made about my friend Kimme’s style.


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52 thoughts on “Please Dress Me.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I mean this is really kind of you, and I appreciate the comment. It just seems so flat to me. OK I SHOULD TAKE THE COMPLIMENT.

  1. Jackie

    I think this dress would look amazing on you, in either color.

    Your uniform is classic, but if you want to “daytime it up” a bit, maybe go for leggings and boots or flats with a tunic/loose-fitting shirt or a lightweight dress on top? You can still keep your color scheme the same. As we all know, there is no such thing as too much black. Also, blazers are the best piece of clothing in the whole world, in my opinion. It’s so easy to throw on a T-shirt and trousers (see? I can keep up) with a blazer and BAM! you’re put together and ready for anything.

    I should be a sales person.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      OH MY GOD THAT DRESS IS AMAZING. Unfortunately I don’t shop at Urban Outfitters, which sucks, because they usually have neat things.

      Blazers, yes, I have many. What I hate though is that some people interpret blazers as “srs business.” I was at a party and some guy said, “Whoa Almie, what’s with the blazer, do you have a meeting later?” He was half kidding. And that’s fine, he’s stupid, but sometimes blazers can add edge but sometimes they can TAKE IT AWAY.

      1. J Gaz

        Listen. Guys don’t get tights under shorts and they don’t get blazers. For various other reasons I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t the most gifted of thought in various areas, so let’s not base our fashion moves on their input.

        Also, let’s not base our fashion moves on other people when we have such great style and really, who are you dressing for?

        1. Almie Rose Post author

          True. I think a guy’s favorite outfit is tight jeans with a clingy white tee or tank top. Which is fine, but yeah, it’s not exactly fashion forward. And I don’t like dressing for men (well sometimes it’s fun) so I guess I should just wear what I want? The thing is, I don’t think I have great style, I need a serious overhaul or inspiration!

  2. Matthew Meriwether

    Dress like that photo of you with blonde hair in New York. I’m being serious. That could have been in Vogue.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I’ve been thinking of going back to blonde (NOT platinum) when I get more money. There is quite the price to pay for blonde locks, and I don’t mean this in a metaphorical way.

    2. Almie Rose Post author

      omg wait are you referring to the chair photo??? I’m thinking of the first one of me sitting in the street with the sunglasses.

      1. Matthew Meriwether

        No, you were right. The one that looks like a polaroid. You look SUPER cute and model-like. lol.

  3. Matthew Meriwether

    Also, shop at Topshop. Topshop. Topshop. And Zara and H&M. Those are the stores I love, at least.

  4. J Gaz

    First off, tights under shorts is the BEST. I have four non-jean shorts in diff colors that I pair with tights and they’re great. You can dress them down for work with a t shirt and cardigan/blazer up with a button down shirt. I’m also huge on accessorizing (you know of my tights collection and headbands), and you seem to have jewelry down to an art. I think single colored dresses work really well for you, and they’re totally work and play appropriate depending on heels/flats/accessories.

    I still want to go shopping, though. You can’t bail on me.

  5. tori

    I think it’s so awesome when people have uniforms!! KEEP IT. Black dresses in the daytime are sooo mysterious and cool.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      True, they are very cool, but how does one pull off a black cocktail dress during the day? And then what do I wear at night, do I reverse it and dress casually? I love black dresses but only two of them are cotton and not dressy. or like, three maybe. my other dresses are strapless or velvet or slinky, etc. Can I make this work?

      1. tori

        You’re right, that’s tricky, I didn’t really think that one through. First of all, I know it’s not a sheath but I think you need this super sexy daytime working world BLACK DRESS! If I did black in the daytime, I’d want to do all black, like a sleek Parisian artist look. Could you do tights and boots with your dresses? Is it cool enough where you live? And sunglasses! INSIDE. Just kidding. Only outside. ALSO, huge scarves? Anyone? Anyone?

        Personally, I think black dresses in the daytime with bright accessories could be kinda icky, Cosmo-girl style, but you don’t seem like you’d want to do that anyway.

        I hope this is helpful…I am not a licensed practitioner, though…

  6. Nicole

    Do you remember the part in Spice World where they’re in the huge tour bus and Posh asks if she should wear the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or the little Gucci dress? I imagine you get to have Posh moment EVERY DAY with black dresses. Cherish that!

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      This is a fabulous comparison. Posh had way better style in the 90s, in my sort of humble opinion. If all of my dresses were little Gucci dresses I think it would be a lot easier, really. But it’s more like, “Should I wear the little black 1960s Wednesday Adams velvet dress, the little black 1980s 1960s throwback dress, or the little black I don’t know what decade this is from with the ruffled collar and sheer sleeves dress?” They’re all black but they’re all…different? I mean I don’t know, maybe the 90s Posh look is ready for a revival.

  7. Abby

    so of course i love the outfit you say is horrible- the plaid w/ leggings and you rocking the bangs. just pair it w/ a hot pair of stilettos

      1. Abby

        yes!!!! and add a ton of gaudy gold bangles. i promise you will rock it. and ps you totes turned it out on your bday in the slutty kardashian-esq dress so i don’t know why you even wrote this post.

  8. Elle

    I feel like in fashion you just wear whatever the hell you want with confidence, and if people are like, “What the hell are you..” THAT’S when you go, “I don’t have to explain my art to you.” Then you strut.

  9. Elle

    Also, I saw this video awhile ago, and even though it’s about a little white dress, the basic principles probably apply to black dresses too… If you like it, then yay! If not, then sad face.

  10. brooklynchick

    I am clueless about fashion but PLEASE DO NOT GO BLONDE. IMHO you look 100000% hotter with black hair.

  11. Cath

    Being French, I have an innate sense of style, and I say: no need to change anything! Really.
    Also, kudos for the Gainsbourg t-shirt.

  12. Pris

    Personally, I love the blonde hair and your style in the first photo. Check out style blogs for inspiration. I like Sounds kinda pervy, but I promise you will discover some interesting styles and trends from different parts of the world!

  13. David Strickland

    Nice style, I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say guys don’t like the whole shorts/tights combo….I think it looks hot!

  14. Adria

    Ugh, you look great in all of this. I agree, do NOT go back to blonde. You and I have very similar coloring and I’ve tried messing with it but the bottom line is…dark hair, big eyes, pale skin is the best combo out there.

    Try some boots with the black dresses. Keep the tights. Maybe add some casual pops of color. Dark blues, try navy! Love the leopard flats too!

    I need a stylist. My closet looks like a hipster, a ten year old, and a prep school drop out all smoked crack and made out.

  15. beatrice

    To echo a sentiment from earlier, YOU ARE SO PRETTY. Also, do you ever wear your hair up? I mean, you have to wear your hair up on occasion (right?), but wearing your hair up is such an easy way to transform a look. Plus, if you wear your hair in a top knot or even a low twist bun all day you’ll have awesome waves at night. (you know that. We all know that. Hair is our generation’s strong shoulder pad…if you don’t count the resurgence of the strong shoulder pad).

    Layering something light over a plain black dress can make it really daytime friendly–like this ON crocheted top ( or just layering plain, colored tees over a dress (can’t find an image for reference) to make it cas. I feel like these are probably things you already do? But I’m going to go ahead post this anyway.

    Also, faux collars and lightweight sweaters or really any lightweight tee/cover-up can transform an outfit, like here:

    Here’s a faux collar from Eleven Objects:

    And one from Book’s Brothers: h**REDIRECT+LINK**

    Uniforms are the greatest. Mine is makings its way into my winter uniform, which consists of: boots, skinny jeans, layered oxfords and sweaters layered with vests (I just bought a faux fur little girl’s vest from ON (are people using ON as an old navy abbrev? gotta make that happen) and I’m never taking it off, it’s wonderful and cost three pennies (exaggeration)). Also, I love clothes.

  16. Matt

    This is me, again, guy from the UK which found the ‘Guys Looks that I enjoy’ article good and commented – I personally love the tights under shorts me it’s really hot; the shorts show off ones booty and curves, and the tights make the legs look dead sexy! I hope you don’t lose that look!

    As for help with some new look ideas..well, nothing really. I’d try for things more quirky and individualistic as opposed to basing looks on other famous people, for example. The black dress and red lipstick is a very nice look, but I can understand why you’d think it’s a bit ‘done’.

  17. Simone

    There is nothing wrong with having a “uniform.” Actually, I think people who do have a uniform usually have pretty great style because often they know what they like & what works for them. By the way, since I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with you in person I can honestly say that I think your style is great. It’s stylish, simple & understated (but still shows your personality). Although I think I have more of a uniform happening these days if I did a similar post from university years until now it would be ALOT scarier (ie. my scary J-Lo dressy cargo pant outfits and equally as bad UGGs and mini-skirt phase – no one needs to see that!)

    Miss you xox!

  18. Allie

    I recently found this VERY cute fashion blog, and part of the blog is a “30 for 30” challenge where you find 30 items in your closet (or you can add things through shopping) and combine them to make 30 different outfits. And, you make it work for you, not anyone else! I think you have great fashion sense, and pops of color or bold jewelry can go a long way with a little black dress! Also – love the leopard flats.

  19. Miranda

    I can totally relate. My uniform consists of a patterned dress, tights, boots, and lots of rings. Day & night. I always get asked why I’m so dressed up, but it’s like, I don’t even own a pair of denim jeans. I feel frumpy and under-dressed in casual clothing.

    In regards to wearing black dresses out during the day, I think we all should acknowledge the fact that everyone’s definitions of casual and dressy are totally different. I have a friend who always dresses like Deb from Dexter; I nearly had a seizure when I saw her wear a dress for the first time. Likewise, people ask me if I’m sick if they see me wearing a T-shirt. Different strokes, ya’ll.

  20. Kelly L.

    See, now I think your style is awesome, which is probably one of the eight trillion reasons I was scared to meet you.

    Also, I do fondly recall that black dress with the silver sequins. If there was any possible way in hell that thing would have fit me, I might have stolen it from you. Just kidding. I don’t steal. That’s wrong. But I would have been tempted.

    Also, please never be blonde again. I love you with dark hair.

    Also (#3 if we’re keeping track), I’m jealous of your ability to wear red lipstick. I look stupid when I do it.

  21. Mal

    Hi lady! a few suggestions for you – – – –

    a) try different dress shapes! a poplin, or an empire waist? you seem to do a lot of the same slim-cut shapes and simple fabrics- try something new and you might not feel so bored and be able to rid yourself of the self-depricating humor (haha JUST KIDDING. don’t do that. then you wouldn’t have a blog and i wouldn’t love you so much.)

    b) colored blazers do fun things for LBD’s. jcrew has some really cute reasonably priced ones in fun colors that are well-made.

    c) if you are getting super sick of your wardrobe, try this trick- – pick out only 30 pieces from your closet and wear ONLY those pieces (mix and match, so make sure to pick an adequate number of tops, bottoms, shoes and jewelry) for 30 days. because your choices will be limited, you’ll get a more accurate idea of what you really NEED and WANT for your next shopping trip. btw this is not my idea,- – i stole it from an adorable fashion blogger named kendi. she has great style, although very different from yours so i wouldn’t use her for too much inspiration.

    good luck doll!

  22. Mal

    also, that “holy shit” moment when you realized SOMEONE ALREADY MENTIONED KENDI’S BLOG and her 30 for 30 challenge. sorrryyyy

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I actually missed it the first time (sorry Allie!) so this was actually very helpful. Thanks!

      1. Mal

        I have tried it! So enlightening. I did it this past fall actually…it was tough to find options for professional and weekend clothes, but it was doable and really helped me narrow down what to buy when I shopped! I think I have the list of what I chose somewhere if you want it..also, when kendi does her 30 day challenges on her blog, she shows yow what items from her closet she picked, so that helped me figure out what kind of things to use.

        good luck!!

  23. Project 305

    Seeing as I only found out about you over the summer, I’m used to your black dress + red lipstick + black hair look. It suits you. It is you. It’s classy but not snooty, simple but not boring, and it actually does look spiffy on you. My only suggestion? Well, I really really love the red dress, so I think trying to switch up colors would be really cool, but like solid colors. Maybe a houndstooth pattern as well?

    My style? Well, I have a lot of bowling shirts and guayaberas. I’m a tad overweight, so it is better if I wear shirts I don’t have to tuck in, and they look great with slacks. I wear those when I go out and I always get compliments, although on occasion I get the derisive “You dress like my grandfather” remark.

  24. Emma Aubry

    KEEP YOUR UNIFORM KEEP IT. Seriously, you look phenoms. Count yourself lucky to have figured out what works for you relatively early on. I have so much respect for people who commit to uniforms.

    For all my talk of man repelling, I’m actually a pretty classic dresser these days. Striped top or crewneck sweater, giant rose gold watch, J. Brand skinnies (the one thing I am totally a brand snob about), loafers or ballet flats and then I peacock it up at night. I have a newfound appreciation for clean lines and excellent tailoring. I figured it was just another phase, but it’s stuck around way longer than anything else ever has, so I’m thinking this could maybe be the one?! I feel like for the longest time I was just afraid to embrace my love of the prepster look because I grew up in DC which is the MOST conservative. It’s only in the past six months or so (since I stopped blogging about fashion/reading blogs regularly…OH the irony) that I actually figured out what works for me and got dressing myself down to a science. I now look more consistently awesome with less effort than ever before. It’s whatever.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, avoid all sources of inspiration and your heart will lead you to the truth.

    Be a firework, not a plastic bag.

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