Summer Goals

summer goals

So, you wanna have the greatest summer ever? Why not set some summer goals? You know, little (or big) things (or thing) you want to accomplish over the summer. It will make your summer that much more rewarding, like a Hufflepuff getting house points!

My summer goal was to be a circus bear. Then I was told that is impossible, so I have revised my summer goal. My new summer goal is to be able to fit back into my “Betty Draper dress”, as seen here, a few years ago:



In 2005, my friend Kelly and I made summer goals. Her goal was to eat an entire pizza. Mine was to make out with the lead singer of Louis XIV. Remember them? They had that big song, “Finding Out True Love Is Blind.” The lead singer sounded like Mick Jagger, but didn’t look like him, so I assumed it would be an easy summer goal. Guess who completed their summer goal???? It was Kelly, obviously. The good thing about Kelly is she knew not to fly too close to the sun.

That’s important to keep in mind when making your summer goal. You want your goal to be attainable, otherwise, you’re going to be a very sad non-circus bear. Think about which category you want your goal to sit in: health, career, love, or personal growth. Maybe your summer goal is to read a new book every week. Maybe it’s to gather the courage to wear a bathing suit in public. Maybe it’s to tell your boss to go fuck himself. Hey, I don’t know, and I’m not going to judge. I want to help you reach your summer goal!

Every day do something that helps you get to your goal. If, like me, your goal is to fit into something you can’t wear anymore because YOU LACK DISCIPLINE, YOU STODGY JERK, then work out every day. If the goal is to tell the boss to fuck himself, then every day write down 5 creative ways to tell your boss to fuck himself. It’s actually very easy when you break it down!

What’s YOUR summer goal? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll try to help you achieve it!



Photo: Gordon Parks via LIFE Photo Archive for Google.

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14 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Kelly

    To be fair, I think I managed to eat the entire pizza but not all of the crusts. I’m still counting it, though!!! Thanks for the shout-out bb.

  2. Tony Archer

    Last summer, I ate 500 tacos as a tribute to a fallen friend who had started the “500 Tacos Of Summer” challenge. Yes, I ate an average of 5.5 tacos a day for over three months. It was glorious/awful. This year, my goal is to tell everyone about the time I ate 500 tacos last summer. And since literally everyone reads your site I’m kind of done with my goal, right?

  3. Ruthanne

    My summer goal is to fit into a dress I bought from the Reformation by the time I go to a wedding in August.

    I like how so far the goals are either fitting into clothing or eating a lot of food.

    1. Almie Rose Post author


      You can do it! What are you doing to get to your goal? Are you changing your eating habits? Your exercise habits? And I wanna see the dress!

  4. Pam

    Summer goals – meet Willie Nelson, learn to kickbox, bake a cherry pie, watch the entire season of Orphan Black while at work I will do it :)

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Excellent goals! Is Willie Nelson going on tour or do you just know where he hangs out? 😉 That’s probably going to be the toughest of your three goals.

      1. Pam

        Willie is playing at the 4th of July picnic and I have a friend who said he could help me make it happen….crossing fingers because my New Years Resolution was to meet Willie. I think the pie thing will be the toughest for me but I will give it my best

  5. Ransom

    Almie, I’d tell you my summer goal, but I’m afraid of everybody else judging me. (I know you wouldn’t. Right?)

    OK OK I just really want to date my coworker okay is that so rancid worse things have happened right

    (and maybe exercise a lot more so that my muffin top is no longer a thing)

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I’d never judge you for that! Is this a feasible goal, like, is he single?

  6. Kate @

    I listened to Louis XIV the other day – like, their entire album. I always loved them in college because they felt so… naughty, I don’t know. Like, I’m sure my mom would’ve had a conniption if she’d ever heard the words to some of their songs. WHAT A REBEL.

    My summer goals… are totally undefined. WHAT SHOULD I STRIVE FOR? Ugh.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Yeah, they seemed VERY naughty.

      Do you want to strive for something in the career side, health side, or general growth side? Is there a hobby you’ve been wanting to take up? A language you’ve wanted to learn? Anything you’ve ever said, “Meh, I’ll get to it later”? I’M HERE TO HELP!

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