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A history of Valentine’s Days.

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People love to hate on Valentine’s Day. Their favorite line: “It’s just a stupid holiday created by Hallmark.” Yeah well duh, thanks Dr. House. But think back to when you were a kid and how much fun Valentine’s Day was, unless you were Ralph Wiggum. You got a bunch of free candy and you weren’t even sure why. You gave everyone overpriced flimsy cardboard Disney or Snoopy valentines and you dropped them into the Vday themed paper bags you had taped to your desk. Or whatever. It was fun and we were young, no promises, no demands.

I’m not saying that I love this holiday but I don’t hate it. There are very few days when I can drink champagne and eat chocolate with reckless abandon and not be judged for it. This is one of those days. I never do anything particularly romantic on Valentine’s day.

On my very first Valentine’s day that I had a boyfriend, he led me to believe that he had secret plans but then revealed that he did not and perhaps I was just seeing what I wanted to see. I forced him to make plans and we managed to get a table at an awesome restaurant (I lived in NYC at the time). It was one of those restaurants that was in the meat packing district which mean that it was too cool to have an actual sign outside so we searched for it as I teetered dangerously in heels on the cobblestone streets. However, because it was so last minute, we had to eat at 5.  But that was fine, I get really hungry around then. The food was delicious and they gave us free desserts and a love themed mixed CD, which I promptly lost a few days later. We got very drunk and went back to my apartment and I complained a lot about something and we went to sleep.

The year after that Kadner came over and we drank champagne and watched “Lost” and through a turn of events that I still don’t understand I had cat whiskers drawn on my face with an eyeliner pencil.

The years after that I don’t think I did anything. My parents gave me chocolate every year and some goodies and if not for them I would be your typical Forever Aloner.

Last year my friend Max hosted a gathering of singles at a BBQ place. That was delicious. Afterwards we went to karaoke where I belted “You Oughta Know.” Also delicious.

Tonight I had the idea of cooking my boyfriend dinner but I just realized that means I actually have to cook something so I’ll probably stop at Whole Foods instead. I meant to make plans but I got busy and it slipped out of my hands and my head. So this is what we’re doing and I’m fine with it. Sure, my dream would be to have a surprise of some sorts: like maybe I’m whisked away to THE PIRATE RESTAURANT IN DISNEYLAND HOW SWEET WOULD THAT BE WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER but I’m thrilled to even have someone to love on this day who isn’t related to me, so that’s enough, really.

Tell me about your romantic Vdays (or any dates) in your past.


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