Teaser for Apocalandis Part Two.

Here’s a little clip of what you’ll see in part 2 of Apocalypstick & Max Landis offer you advice.

We got a LOT of questions this time, so it’s going to take me longer to edit it. I may have to pull some Harry Potter shit and split it into two parts. I’ll try not to.

In the meantime, please enjoy this thoughtful and funny piece by Laurenne Sala. It has the wit and hilarity of a New Yorker cartoon. But with vaginae: Fruitcake

Feel free to use this post as a discussion of our videos, oral sex, vaginal odor, and vulva perfume. Please DO NOT use this post to talk about Charlie Sheen. This is a SHEEN-FREE ZONE. Yes, he’s so amusing and funny with his “tiger blood” and “winning” but he BEATS WOMEN and says HORRIBLE THINGS ABOUT JEWS. Of all people who deserve attention, he is at the bottom of my list. So if you want to Sheenize, take that shit to Twitter, or better yet, NOWHERE.

Thank you! And yes, I did change my font, because Helvetica gives me such a heartboner.


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28 thoughts on “Teaser for Apocalandis Part Two.

    1. Almie Rose Post author


      I refuse to use even Charlie Sheen references. Emilio and Martin all the way.

        1. Almie Rose Post author

          As I was fast forwarding through something I recorded, I caught a glimpse of Emilio & Martin at some sort of press conference. I never want my brother and dad to apologize for me on TV. That’s a whole new level of embarrassment.

  1. Mermy


    also, I have never commented here before, but I <3 your blog and just needed to ask that question. 😀

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Thank you Mermy!

      It’s Max’s library at his parents’ house. Way better than my Union Jack flag taped to the wall.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      You’ll find all about Max’s feelings on marriage in the upcoming video!

  2. Rahul

    I was talking about the New Yorker last night. I wish Laurenne wrote for them because maybe I wuld understand one of the cartoons. I don’t get it. I also don’t understand the movie reviews. Do they like the movie? Hate it?

  3. Sss

    I must ask, and forgive me for my bluntness, but are you and Max… Please clarify, so the single girl (or gay) population can know if it’s safe to make innuendos.

            1. Almie Rose Post author

              IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY FUNNY! I AM A HUUUGE CAT LOVER, I WOULD NEVER FIND THIS FUNNY, BUT IN CONTEXT IT’S HILARIOUS. It’s not really good just kind of hanging out in the trailer.

              1. Sss

                Well on that endorsement, I think I’ll round up some friends and drink wine while watching. You know, just to make it that much funnier.

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