The Village & SoHo Mix.

I admit it: I’m in a New York state of mind. (Thank you, poet laureate Billy Joel.)  Please enjoy this mix. It’s titled The Village & SoHo and it’s songs that remind me of the time I spent there. Some of them may not make any sense to you, but they make sense to me. I do hope you enjoy.

Art by the incredible Emily of Phraseless. Follow her on twitter for tweets like, “Just in case you forgot, #timcurry is a god.”

Download The Village & SoHo

What songs remind you of a certain place?


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8 thoughts on “The Village & SoHo Mix.

  1. alice

    I love soundtracks. They almost never make sense to anyone except the person putting them together, but once I meet someone who gets it, it’s fireworks! In my heart! My heart explodes!

    The Books – “Take Time” and The High Highs – “Open Season” remind me of Brooklyn.

  2. Kathryn

    Girl…this is absolutely perfect. I will listen to it on my commute tomorrow morning.

  3. Hannah

    I work in Soho! And since I have a 100+ block commute on the subway perhaps I shall make this my morning playlist as well.

  4. Anthony

    What a great playlist…loving it right now, and putting me in a NY state of mind, as well. Love place specific playlists…..L.A. lends itself to that, so many evocative songs.


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