The Worst Things Anyone’s Ever Done On A Date


I like to write about dating on this blog. We’ve talked about the worst date you’ve ever been on, as well as the best. But, like Ariel, “I want mooooooore.” So I asked my readers, “What’s the worst thing anyone’s ever done to you on a date?” Here’s what you guys said. Leave your own “worst thing anyone’s ever done to you on a date” in the comments! And know that you are not alone.


“So one time I went out on a date with this girl I’d been trying to get with for a few months, but apparently I was her second choice that evening, because in the middle of dinner she gets a call from the guy she REALLY wanted to go out with, saying he was free after all. So she left to go meet him…and of course, she felt the need to TELL me that was the deal, because, you know, ‘honesty is important.’ I was left with the bill and the embarrassment.” — Wade. 

“A guy wanted me to come to his area for dinner. I did and he showed me his parking spot where I could park. My car got towed because he didn’t actually rent the spot and he refused to come with me to get my car. He wanted a second date. I wanted the money to get my car back.” — Virginia.

“We went skating and he started crying because his skates didn’t fit. In public.” — Lindsay.

“A guy moaned like a woman while kissing me. He also told me he had herpes and even though I told him that was a deal breaker, he still grabbed his denim boner at the end of the date and said, ‘Go home and think of thiiiiiis’ in that same womanly moan. I shit you not…it was the worst. I was stuck in his car when he kissed me and totally felt like a victim of the ‘implication’. Good ol’ OkCupid.” — Lauren.

“Let’s go with top three FIRST DATE quotes:

  1. My eggs aren’t getting any younger and if dating keeps going the way it has been, I’m gonna have to freeze them. I’d rather avoid that, so I hope you’re taking this seriously.’
  2.  ‘I don’t want children. My dad abandoned me and my siblings and if you ever get me pregnant I will resent you and our children the rest of your life because I never had a dad growing up and it wouldn’t be fair that they did.’
  3. ‘I just moved down here because I had to escape my abusive relationship. I mean, I was the one attacking him all the time and getting the cops called on us. But, I mean, there’s just something that made it work, we were like Dan and Roseanne, and that’s the kind of relationship that appeals to me.’ Cue crying (her, not me).

This is when I noped out of Ok Cupid for a while.” — Daniel. 

“I went rock climbing on a first date. I was terrified and he said, ‘You don’t have very good self-esteem.’ There wasn’t a second date. Super cute guy though. I’ve rock climbed since and no one insulted my self-esteem.” — Kristin.

“Spent the whole time telling me why HIS metal band was awesome while all other metal bands were posers. Refused to eat nachos during the Superbowl. Called the Puppy Bowl a ‘retard bowl’ and wondered why there wasn’t an actual ‘Retard Bowl’, you know, with like, ‘retards running around with pillows strapped to them.’ My first online date, and I cancelled my account the next day.” — Archer.

“The worst thing a guy ever did to me on a first date was at a party. It was his birthday and he thought it would be a good first date to introduce me to all his friends. Little did I know he was actually making a bet with friends he would have me naked with a banana — not a euphemism — in my mouth before midnight. I found out because one of the girlfriends of his friends felt bad and told me about it at 11pm.” — Cassandra.

“[She] Snapchat’d me during dinner with a selfie saying, ‘I have a boyfriend. :(” — Timothy. 

“I went on a date with a guy who could not talk about anything for more than like, 2 minutes. He also tried to order me ‘one of every martini’ which he thought was hilarious, and me and the waitress thought was kinda weird — we exchanged a ‘WTF’ glance. Then we went to a second place where he realized that he somehow didn’t have his wallet and left to go look for it. He never came back. It was a blizzard outside so impossible to get cabs and I had to wait for a waitress to finish her shift and managed to sweet talk her into driving me home. Then he tried to call me for a second date.” — Jen.


YIKES. Yeah, these are some pretty bad dates. YOUR TURN!

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17 thoughts on “The Worst Things Anyone’s Ever Done On A Date

  1. ali

    he suggested we take a brewery tour in a town about an hour away from where we live. he then asked if i would drive. he did not offer to chip in for gas even when we had to stop at a gas station, pressured me to drink more than i felt comfortable with, given that he’d made me drive, then suggested we get food at the brewery’s pub, made me pay for his meal plus the 3 extra beers he drank there, made fun of me again for not drinking more because according to him, “drinking and driving isn’t really a big deal.” then the drive back was primarily filled with a homophobic rant from him. that was our third date and also our last.

  2. Abigail

    Mine are nothing in comparison to these, but my worst date still has to be going to see Boogie Nights for the first time ever with this guy I had just met the week before. Call me a big ol’ prudie, but they were throwing condoms and phallic objects at us all night, and there was a contest to see who could make the best sex noises onstage; doubled with the fact that I wasn’t into my date and he was loudly munching on gummy bears next to me, I was really uncomfortable and grossed out. Maybe he thought this was supposed to turn me on? It didn’t. I had to suffer through an entire semester of class with him after that. He never got the hint when I could never make another date with him, so one day when we were partnered to run lines together (acting class), I made him walk up and down a flight of stairs very quickly, for my own amusement. I’m a bad person.

  3. Leslie

    I luckily haven’t had to do a lot of dating, but my first online date went worse than I’d expected.

    We’d been chatting for about two weeks and agreed to meet. I’d already told him I was kind of iffy about how sexual he was already being in his conversation, and he’d agreed to chill a bit. He texted me on the way to say he didn’t have any cash. I didn’t offer, so he relented and said he would stop and get some. He made the date for a coffee shop that ended up being closed months ago and turned into a Democratic HQ or something. After he got cash, he got lost for about a half hour, but we finally met at Starbucks. He talked about how funny he was, how he didn’t really know what to do with his life but was a hard worker (stocking produce at a grocery store for 7 years), etc. We both talked about how we hated people driving while texting. After we finished the coffee, he took me on a walk that ended up with us walking around KMART! Half-way back, he said, “Well, I want a second date!” I said I’d have to think about it. We got in the cars and left, me planning to say NO WAY. He proceeds to SEXT me while driving home and then said, “I know you’re a mom and want to take it slow but we are adults and have needs!” Not the most horrifying or expensive bad date, but definitely my worst.

    I almost cancelled OKC after that, but luckily kept it up for a few more weeks and met a wonderful, gentleman who I’m in love with now.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Oh my GOD. YOU SPENT YOUR DATE WALKING AROUND KMART? That is INDEED a horrifying date.

      Congrats on finding someone awesome! Hooray!

  4. Gene

    I think my worst date is a hilarious not-date! I was in the city working and decided to get a coffee on my 15 minute break. I was in the queue, and this guy I knew liked me but I wasn’t interested in, walked past, saw me, stopped and chatted. Obviously I couldn’t go anywhere so I smiled politely, got my coffee, and then said, okay I’m going back to work now. Years later, another guy I liked mentioned that a friend of his had dated me and (basically), had a bad experience. When I heard who it was, I was like, UMMM, I know for sure I never dated that guy! And he said, yeah, the two of you went on a date, and had a great time, really connected, and then you were really rude and just totally blew him off and never acknowledged it again… so then much arguing ensured, and you guessed it – our first “date” that he had apparently told his friends about, was when he stood next to me in a coffee queue while I was at work O_O I couldn’t believe he’d gone around telling people we’d had this non-existent romance!!

    1. Noelle

      Oh my God, this.

      A guy I had hung out with a couple times with mutual friends (I went to a party at his house once, and he brought his friend over to hang out with me and my then boyfriend a couple times), had apparently told a mutual friend of ours that I was his college girlfriend.

      I found this out well after I graduated from college and this guy got married. Our friendship kind of fizzled when our classes split off (we knew each other from class and didn’t have much in common), and I wasn’t bummed about it because he was as far as I knew, a dude who smoked weed with me and my ex a few times, and once had a big party at his house. I connected better with our mutual friends (people with whom I still speak now!), so when she mentioned how I was among his many ex-girlfriends that she became friends with I was so floored I didn’t even know how to respond. I wonder how many of her other friends never actually dated that guy.

      So completely over the massive use of the word “friend zone” by losers who think that a penis plus a vagina in the same room equals dating. I think guys who use the word “friend zone” non-ironically are basically just waving the red flag for you. No, he never made his feelings clear, and no, I never would have wanted him to. But someone who lied to me and pretended to be a buddy? Ummm, yeah, good riddance!

  5. Kate @

    I’m sad that I didn’t make the cut with my Worst Date ever story, but that’s what I get for linking to an entire blog post about it. The gist? My date was wasted when I picked him up, proceeded to get even drunker, & vomited in the bathroom at a bar during a show. My ex appeared, approached me to tell me my date was vomiting on the bathroom floor, & sorrrrt of helped me drag him out to my car so I could take him to a late-night buffet to sober up. On the way, he spoke anti-Semitic lines to me in a Borat voice, then passed out at the table before he could order, so I dragged him home, sans food, &Y dropped him off on his parents’ front lawn. COOL, BRO, BYE.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      HOLY COW. Yeah, that’s def worthy of a blog post, and def one of the worst things someone could do to you on a date. Thanks for sharing! xo.

    2. Mila

      Wow, I would leave him in the pub when he was vomiting, like end of the date dude!

      Happily, my online dates were mostly fun. Once I had to wait for a guy for two hours (!), because we lived far away from each other, so we decided to meet halfway, but he got some extra work and the moment I was on place – he messages me he will be an hour later. He was two hours later, well. We got into the hotel room and started our date with quick lovemaking but decided to take a break – eat something and get back to eat more seriously later. Unfortunately after we came back we were so full and sleepy because of the wine, we just got to sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep because he was cuddling me all the time and I was hot. After I wake up I was having a sore throat. Well, before breakfast I got down on him, but when I did my job, he was talking about his work problems… not too sexy. Well, it wasn’t a bad date – I had a great meal, wine, some sex and nice talk – and spent a night in a 5* hotel… but I just expected something more haha. It was disappointing, but in comparesment to things I read here – I had a nice time.. And we met again few days ago. It was much better! 😉

      1. Almie Rose Post author

        Haha, yes, compared to the other things on here, you were basically Cinderella at the ball! And I’m glad it got better.

  6. Hails

    Met a dude from OKCupid at a mostly empty bar in the afternoon. He talked a mile a minute (about himself and his beliefs) and asked why I wasn’t drinking as fast as him (hmm, wonder why…)
    Then, he used the slur CHINKS not once, but twice. Loudly.
    Embarrassing as hell and I thankfully never saw him again.

  7. Alexandria G.

    Sometimes I’m glad I don’t date very often. These stories are the case in point. haha

    ..but at least I don’t have any bad dates to recall… yet.

  8. Allyson

    This is a bit late, but I went on an OkCupid date with a hipstery-looking guy who seemed nice enough but I just wasn’t really that into. He walked me home, I told him thanks but no thanks, and that was that.

    Until a few weeks later when he sent me a message on Facebook abruptly asking me to donate money to a fund for him to travel around the country with the Occupy Wall Street movement. I kinda laughed and said sorry, and then he got kind of aggressive and snarky about it. I finally just blocked him. Super weird.

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