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Weekly wrap-up: “I don’t think the future wants Tom Green.”

apocalypstick wearing toki doki

Thanks again to Toki Doki for the killer tee!

Here are some things I did and wrote about this week, in case you missed it. And in case you care. If you don’t, no worries, it’s a beautiful day in LA go outside!

I list my top favorite bad songs of the ’90s on Hello Giggles. “Some say that Tom Green was before our time but I don’t think the future wants him. In this lyrical masterpiece, Mr. Green laments the misfortune of having “poo” on his ‘bum.’ ‘I gotta get the poo off my bum!’ he wails and I think we all understand that it’s clearly an allegory for world hunger.”

If Patrick Bateman reviewed the film “American Psycho” on A Bright Wall in a Dark Room. “There is a film based on me, my life, and it scrapes the line of frightening realism and imaginary hopes, dreams, wishes, that I can’t have, will never have, am not capable of having. The film is American Psycho and is directed by a woman named Mary Harron, who I can only assume is hideous based on how good her film is, which I’m reluctant to admit.”  Continue reading


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