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What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

Words cannot describe how much I love this photo.

If you’re following me on twitter or are friends with me on Facebook you are probably more than aware that I was in Las Vegas last weekend. Why is this such a big deal to me? Because I went to a conference where I didn’t really “know” anyone. I’ve been friends with them online and the one person I’d met in person couldn’t be there (THANKS JAMIE. J/K GURL.) The old Almie would have backed the eff out like, “a Tonka Truck” to quote J.Lo’s masterpiece “On The Floor.” The new Almie had a moment of hesitation, thought about purposefully catching strep throat, then realized, Holy Godzilla this could be the most fun EVER. And it was. Continue reading


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Aahh!! Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the blogger shoot for Genlux magazine that I shot and edited using the diabolical iMovie. I think this will be in the winter issue. Basically it’s a fashion shoot with L.A. bloggers instead of models, bloggers like yours truly, Molls (of Molls She Wrote! and general internet superstardom), Sara (of Waitin Round 2 B A Millionaire), Ami (of My Fashion Database), and Aimee (of Smashbox Yello!). I got to jump around in lace-up Yves St. Laurent wedges and feel important. A successful day, in my opinion.


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As promised (to no one but myself into my glass of riesling), here are photos from my trip. Just to prove I was there. Although they’re not really typical “brother graduated from college” photos. Those are on a private website where my mom can gush over them and I can applaud myself for using the manual focus on my camera for once. These photos are those moments in between moments. When you’re waiting for something, or you’re a little tipsy, or you just need to do something with your hands and you don’t smoke. Click! Most of these I didn’t take. Try to figure out which ones. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

My brother. When he’s not busy sitting in dark restaurants, he works as a silhouette in old timey profile photos on Disneyland’s Main Street.

Damn, I just quoted The Simpsons. I’ve been trying not to do that lately. Because at this point I feel like I do it far too often and should be paying them. Whatever, I could easily write a Simpsons epsiode. Bart and Milhouse switch places and hilarity ensues! Homer goes into a deep depression and Marge begs him to start therapy and he’s like, “Mr. Burns won’t cover the health insurance!” and he hits her and Maggie cries and then Moe rapes someone. No, no, I kid, that’s a terrible Simpsons episode. Here, something to cleanse your palate: DENTAL PLAN!

I think if I ever got a tattoo it would be Simpsons related. Did you see the amazing Milpool tattoo? I am so jealous I didn’t think of that! I tried to find a photo for reference but all I got was this and photos of luxury swimming pools. But that’s not important right now. God, my brother’s University graduation commencement was three hours long. The boredom was crushing. At one point my boyfriend and I just starting taking close-up shots of each others’ faces. Because we’re twelve. But there’s only so many photos you can take of your brother sitting in a crowd of thousands of students.

This is my 91-year-old great uncle Sammy! Yes, literally 91! He is in amazing shape! And he’s drinking straight vodka! Look at him!  My dad’s side of the family live long, healthy lives. Those wacky Italians!

Kiss On My List (Hall & Oates cover) — The Bird And The Bee


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Vegas, Baby!

Hi Everyone,

I’m back. With photos!








This shit is indoors.


My Life With Nicolas Cage: A Love Story.

Enjoy the swingin’ tunes of Ann-Margret. She’s one of my all time favorites.

Thirteen Men — Ann-Margret
There’ll Be Some Changes Made — Ann-Margret
You’re The Boss — Ann-Margret & Elvis
The Good Life — Ann-Margret
C’est Si Bon — Ann-Margret

I am far too much of a nervous person for gambling. As soon as I won I practically ran away. The first time I sat down at a table, my first time in Vegas, my first time gambling, I played Blackjack and I got 21 on my first hand. “I’m out!” I said, and walked away. Then for the rest of the trip I proceeded to eat everything in my line of vision. The endless stream of buffets is how life should be everywhere. The weight I gained was probably the equivalent to that of a small toddler. But it was worth it.

Check This Recording in a few days for my review of Las Vegas! That’s right I review THE WHOLE CITY.


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Indulge My Nostalgia.


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