Mens’ Looks That I Enjoy.

My last post on mens’ clothing fashion prompted me to write this post. I think I made it clear that I do not appreciate this wave of “hipster fashion” (whatever that means to you) but as one reader suggested, I DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, enjoy “bro” fashion. How dare you, madam. Don’t even jest.

Here are some looks for men that I enjoy:

men fashionBlazer, tee, jeans, watch. Simple. Refined. Not hipster.

I really love zip up hoodies on men. Not gross beat-up college logo ones, but simple nice ones. And I like the hoodie under the jacket look. Like this:

men fashion hoodieNotice the jeans. Not skinny, not baggy, just right. Men, wear jeans that fit. Wear jeans that fit. Jeans, make sure they fit. Note: that belt is diabolical.

And who can resist a man in a suit?

mad men lookI know I can’t.

And who can resist a man in a suit with Clark Kent glasses?

mad men lookI know I can’t.

Men, before you balls me out, I’m not suggesting that you wear a suit all the time. I realize that 1. suits can be very expensive and 2. that isn’t practical. But the next time you go to an event (formal party, wedding, telethon, funeral) make like a Jane Fonda workout video and step it up. Wear a suit that fits. Not too tight, not too baggy, but a suit that fits. A good suit will last you a lifetime. Men wear a suit that fits. Make sure the suit fits. The suit should fit.

I realize that this next look could be interpreted as hipster:

men street styleI also realize that this man looks absolutely terrified. But what I love about this look is the toggle coat. This coat reminds me of Paul McCartney from the ‘Fool On The Hill’ video and of David Bowie in “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” You can get an inexpensive coat like this one it’s worth it. Even if you live in LA. Fact: at night time, it gets cold. And you can wear it with a simple tee like this gentleman. This frightened, frightened gentleman.

Look at this guy.

men office fashion

Look at this fucking guy. This guy is going to get shit done. Is this guy screwing around? Fuck no. This guy is wearing a trench coat AND a tie. If you have a job where this look would be appropriate, don it like Draper.

I like the James Dean look. Call the cops.

james dean look

Men: James Dean is a great fashion role model. However, I would like this look a lot more if his jeans didn’t fit like leggings. Men, wear jeans that fit. The jeans. Not too skinny, not too baggy. Make sure that the jeans fit. The jeans.

This is an example of another great look thwarted by skinny jeans:

skinny jeansThe hoodie jacket: great. The striped shirt: great. The boots: great. The jeans: what are you doing stop it. Men, if your jeans cling to your ankles like a wet suit, do not wear them. The jeans should fit. Jeans, make sure they fit. The jeans. Should the jeans fit? Yes.

Now here’s an example of a great look thwarted by baggy jeans:

baggy jeansWhat is going on in the crotch region? Men, wear jeans that fit. Don’t ever wear these. These do not fit nicely. The jeans. Make sure they fit.

I like this. This is simple, the hoodie isn’t from American Apparel, the jeans are not skinny:

mens hoodieThis look says, “Hey gurl let me buy you an ice cream cone.” Guys, sometimes less is more.

Finally look at this Mick Jagger looking bitch:

mick jaggerMen, this is a great hairstyle. It doesn’t work on everyone but try it out and see if it works on you. If you look like Mick Jagger it’s probably going to look really good. I like the leather jacket over the plaid thing and the jeans fit but really this guy is so hot he could wear anything, let’s be logistical.

The jeans. Make sure they fit. Wear jeans that fit. That’s all I ask.

Images from: J. Crew, Bloomingdales, The Gap, H&M sites.


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36 thoughts on “Mens’ Looks That I Enjoy.

  1. Kaitlin

    oh no, i saw this post just now after i commented on the other one again!!

    well, you know what i always say- certain people can pull off some stuff, some people can’t. i am living in Olympia, WA right now and most guys seem to be gay, but they’re not (including an ex-bf of mine). perhaps i my perspective has become skewed… perhaps i have become lenient. but my current boyfriend, i think, dresses quite well for his body type and the fact that he is not all that interested in fashion or how he looks. you’re right- jeans should fit! i do not like the whole “shaggy hair swept to the side” look. that is Justin Bieber. that is a look that all the lesbians in my town pull off quite well. other than that, i like all of your photo examples. i REALLY appreciate suites and would like to see more of that, but unfortunately i probably never will in oly unless it involves bright colors and is ill-fitting :(

    Almie, i love you!!!

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I apologize; I was vague about this. Yes, the jeans should fit. I’ll be clearer next time! The jeans, make sure they fit.

  2. vadim

    This obsession with the skinniness of male jeans is really bizarre to me; like, my testicles are doing just fine regardless of my tailoring, and I’m not sure why anyone else should be worried about them. Recently 50 Cent took this kind of thinking to its extreme by refusing to sign Danny Brown to his label despite liking his work because THE DUDE’S JEANS WERE TOO SKINNY…which seems to be 50’s usual obsession with homophobia, but arguably the only thing gayer than being gay is worrying about the skinniness of another man’s jeans. Live and let live, huh?

  3. Luda

    The first outfit was the best outfit.

    See? Fit. It’s right there in the word ‘outfit’. They don’t call it an ‘out-not-fit’.

    Oh boy. Possibly my worst joke ever. Still hitting that submit button, though.

      1. lauren

        I posted this to okcupid..alerting men that I like a snappy dresser and to refer to your link. Bitches need to be told….I can tell it’s already done its job. I get less bros and thugs checking out my page. !!!

  4. Brittany

    THANK GOD YOU PUT THIS OUT INTO THE WORLD. I can only pray to Ryan Gosling that some men stumble upon it. Less is so much more. A nice fitting plain tee (not creepy tight, not frat boy loose) + great fitting jeans + nice watch + awesome shoes = someone I will fall in love with instantly. It’s so simple it’s disgusting! It also helps if they look like a J Crew model.

    I would like to add that straight men should not wear necklaces, in any circumstance. Not a gold necklace, not a rope necklace, not a bead necklace. No. Rings, sure. Watch, excellent. Necklace…. NO.

    And on an absurdly random note, I just want to make sure you are aware of this fantastic video that just made my morning, because I know you appreciate Gaston and Beauty and the Beast.

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      And blazers work for all men! They looked just as good on Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate as they do on Jon Hamm in Mad Men. AS LONG AS IT FITS.

  5. Gina

    Awesome choices!

    And yes, guys, wear jeans that fit. One of the things I love about my BF is that he wears jeans that fit. No skinny jeans. No Baggin’ Saggin’ Barry shit. Jeans. That. Fit. <3

  6. Jamison

    Wow, most of these are hideous. I like what Vadim said about skinny jeans. I don’t get what the problem is. I will tell you that I’ve seen a man wear skinny jeans and I thought it looked horrid, yet I’ve seen at least 100 other men wear them and it’s fine, most of the time it doesn’t really enter my mind.

    On the other hand, there’s nothing like the right fit. But let’s be clear: it is not always possible to just happen upon the right fit in a department store. Not everyone is built the same, and not everyone is built the way most clothes are.

    Also your second guy looks like Luke Perry. So… just to let you know, you posted a picture of a guy who looks like Luke Perry under an article about how guys should look. Keep that in mind the next time you go to criticize the wardrobe of a man.

    Lastly, a lot of the people commenting on the previous article seemed a bit ridiculous. You can’t help that, but I just want you to read this and silently agree that they took some of the things you were saying too far. It’s cool, I got you.

    P.S. I just read your article about how people should stop hating on Katy Perry and I agree. For whatever reason people love to hate on successful people and I don’t understand it. Katy Perry is enjoying her life. I also read your article on top 10 best break up movies and I think you’re hilarious.

  7. Matt

    I’m a guy, from the UK no less – and this advice is great!

    I’m just going into my 2nd year at Uni and was thinking how I can tidy up my look..the jeans thing at the moment is crazy! I personally like just ‘normal’ fitting jeans, perhaps with a slight boot cut due to my large feet..why on Earth we have these ridiculous skinny jeans, carrot jeans and the like I’ll never know..

    One thing I’ll take away is the cleaner, simple look..great advice! Now just to get some shoes to match..sounds like Converse wins on this front, although Autumn/Winter could be problematic?

    Thanks for the post though..found it through Google!

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      “Carrot jeans!” I haven’t heard that one before, that’s a good one.

      I’m chuffed that I helped!

  8. dillon

    i dont think many girls in virginia like those looks. or maybe its just the guy wearing them. i cant say for sure. im me, and theyre them.

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