31 thoughts on “How To Get Over A Break-Up.

  1. daniel

    I think one great way to get over a breakup is to take a vacation. That said, you should visit Austin. I’ll give you ideas on where to stay, places to visit, and things to see.

  2. Andrea

    Oh shit. I don’t think I’m prepared for a break-up. Mental Note: Must get business cards and stock up on Stoli… STAT! Thanks for the warning Almie.

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  4. Kelsey

    omg. Actually just got dumped tonight, only to find this gem waiting for me on my Google Reader.
    1. Thank you.
    2. Wish you were coming to the bar with me tonight.
    3. I’ve had enough glasses of wine to really feel those antioxidants


  5. Bea

    Hahaha, you are fantastic. Kudos to you for the SATC (acronyms: so hot right now) quote, one of my favorite moments from television.

  6. Brittany

    No joke, this is exactly what I am like right now. Laugh/ cry/ drink /buy lipstick at Sephora/ cry more. Officially on my way out to pick up some Gala Apple Stoli. Thx again for brightening my day in this tough time!

  7. Ajnabee

    Love it Almie


    actually this reminds me – after breaking up with someone last year i went directly to a house party got drunk, and ended up giving out BUSINESSCARDS so that the whole world knew I had important shit to do. Yeah. Cringetastic :(

    Come and see me if your ever in the general Nepal neighbourhood.

  8. Jamie

    You need to send me one of those business cards because they look really killer and I’m pretty vain, so I need to see my work in print.

    Also, you’re right.

    It’s not alcoholism if you drink at night.

  9. Yamini

    Honestly, you are amazing and this is your pinnacle. I’ve been following this blog since its first entries and I am always too scared to comment. But this is too great to pass.

    I blast “Stronger” whenever I am heartbroken to remind me of the confidence and capital-letter-anger that Kanye can provide me.

  10. Emma Aubry

    You. Are. TOO. Funny. This is the first time commenting but I’m obsessed with your blog. Check out mine if you are so inclined! I just did a post on Twitter I feel like you would appreciate.

  11. nicole antoinette

    1. Those business cards look sick awesome in print. What Jamie said to wanting one to put on our fridge. Like proud mamas!

    2. You’re like, the funniest ever ever.

    3. EVER

  12. SS

    looooool very funny video, but i was especially impressed with how realistic your crying was. you should be nominated for an award for that part.

  13. basiamc

    This is what I’ve been doing for about five months, but last week, someone stole my cat. I am not joking in the least.

  14. K.W.

    Oh….wait a second. Is this video out of sarcasm? Silly me. Well in the future if some guy does, now you know my feelings.

  15. Looking4 Purpose

    okay i stumbleupon your blog …and today i was having the shittiest day ever but you gurl made me laugh. this is so true about the bottle. I did this so many times…OMG! thanks

  16. Emmy

    holy monkeys. you are hysterical. this is so. good. “i’m a jackass.” “no i’m not I’M AWESOME !” totally been there.
    thanks for the giggs.

  17. annika

    Holy shit! This was awesome. I am your newest fan! You rock. The world needs more badass “business woman” like you.

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