I want to believe.

Lady Gaga - "What the fuck have you done" - Toronto MONSTER BALL 2010

Photo by Naomi Lir
If your “little monsters” are so important to you and you love them so much, why did you give the rich and famous early access to your store while your fans camped outside on the sidewalk? Fuck you, Gaga. Details here.




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18 thoughts on “I want to believe.

  1. Paulina Angel

    Its like Madonna all over again, I wouldn’t be surprised that she did that, she’s a snob and always will be!!
    Its pretty messed up, these celebs didn’t wait a long time for her fashion line to come out, they didn’t wait outside like us anxiously waiting for the stores openning. Where is the fucking loyalty to fans?

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I see what you mean about the Madonna thing. But Madonna never claimed to love her fans above anyone else. She was always about loving herself. But Gaga goes on and on about how grateful she is to her fans and how they mean more to her than anything. So I totally agree, where is this loyalty?

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      Yeah I love no doubt that Blake Lively is the biggest lady Gaga fan ever, it’s just obvious.

  2. alli

    Just to play devil’s advocate, but maybe it was Barneys decision and not hers…although with her influence and legal team it’s hard to believe she couldn’t get her monsters in first. I, for one, have never understood the logic behind giving the wealthy extra privileges and freebies…they’re rich FFS…don’t they have enough?

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      I see the game you’re playing and I get it, but if Barney’s said, “You have to do it this way, Gaga” she would have said, “LOL k bye I’ll go to the ninety other stores in line after you.” She always goes on and on about how much control she has over her and her brand.

      And totally agree, it makes no sense. Using this Gaga example specifically, she always talks about how when she was “poor” and living in NYC she already thought she had made it and was famous because that was her attitude. She encourages her fans to feel famous. GUESS WE’RE NOT FAMOUS ENOUGH.

  3. Sarah

    this makes me sad. i cant think of a reason why this happened, i really like gaga though – maybe the illusion is better than the reality. oh ballz

    1. Almie Rose Post author

      You can still like her! My goal isn’t to tear down peoples’ Gaga dreams (and I LOVE her new album and I also love dressing up as her when I’m alone) but I think it’s important to start discussions about what we see in the media vs what we lol never mind I lost it.

  4. Emma Aubry

    So here’s the thing. I also love Gaga’s new[est] album and [almost] every video ever [not “Edge of Glory” bbborrrrrriiiiinngggggg] and her wackadoo accent and her pretentiousness and her self-importance and her ever-changing hair and I’ve decided that I JUST DON’T CARE if Gaga loves me too. She’s impossible to figure out. I’d love to party with her. I’d love to eat a meal with her. I’d love to go shopping with her. I’d also love to watch her perform from the back of a stadium. She might not actually give a shit like she claims to, but I still find her utterly enthralling.


    Thoroughly unhelpful maybe. I just think we can choose not to care.

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