Shit that I am so into right now (part 1).

Here are some things that I’m ~~really into~~ lately. I found all of these photos on Pinterest and Instagram.

10. Me.

almie rose child actress

I am just soooo into me right now. Look at what an amazing child I was. Not much has changed. I’ve had bags under my eyes since I was six and I have the same stupid bangs and my lips have gotten bigger but that’s it, I am still incredibly, wonderfully, unscathed by time and by the harshness of people just, like, not getting me.

9. Not giving a fuck.

james dean elizabeth taylorI don’t think anyone understands that not giving a fuck is not simply being lazy; nay, there is a real, true art to not giving a fuck. Not giving a fuck is napping with your shoes on. Not giving a fuck is reading a magazine with your friend on the cover. Because you don’t care how others perceive you, you’re James Fucking Dean and Elizabeth Tap-Dancing Taylor, motherfuckers. So just channel this and you’re off to a great start. But don’t think that one session of half listening to your friend talk about their relationship is not giving a fuck. You’re so wrong.


8. Solidarity.

I’m just so into solidarity right now, you know? So important.


7. The modern cave bed.


6. Sitting in bathtubs.

And of course Eva Green, she is my soul inspiration spirit animal guide hero architect of thought and emotion.


5. Excessive drinking.

champagne party


4. Posing with cigarettes.


3. Pretending I will make all of the stupid DIY shit I find on Pinterest.

chandelier diy

I’ll do it ~~tomorrow~~.


2. Looking pissed-off.


1. Shame.

I’m going to get through the rain and come out the other side a confident person who is unable to feel sad emotions.


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14 thoughts on “Shit that I am so into right now (part 1).

  1. Lauren

    Before I realized that was a picture of David Bowie with a cigarette I thought it was a makeup-less and haggard Milla Jovovich. I was like “wow, she looks great even when she’s all skagged out.” But then I was like “ohhhh…it’s just a sexy david bowie”. :)

  2. Dave

    Sad emotions are ok, like when a chipmunk runs out in front of your car and you feel that telltale thump. Sad.

  3. doniree

    You should be into you, you are the cutest kid! Also, get on with your not-giving-a-fuck, sitting-in-bathtubs, fucking awesome self.

  4. Rach

    I went through this whole phase where I always ended up sitting in the bathtub at parties. Perhaps I should revive this feature…

  5. Allie

    so into this list right now. that cave bed? eye sex. want. also, not giving a fuck. desperately need to figure out this complicated art. maybe a how-to article from you in the future? btw, featured this article over at my blog, Actually Allie.

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