UrbanNATURES Jewelry Giveaway!

UrbanNATURES jewelry by Almie Rose

UrbanNATURES jewelry wants you guys to have a City Scape necklace and bracelet, like the ones above! Here I am showing them off SUPER SEDUCTIVELY:


UrbanNATURES is a charitable fashion jewelry brand that donates 15% of its proceeds to a non-profit organization. This necklace and bracelet depicts a city skyline, so in order to enter to win, I want you to write one line about your favorite city. You can tell me what your favorite thing about your city is, or what your favorite city is and why. For example, my favorite thing about LA is that magical hour at 4 AM when there’s no traffic on the 405 freeway.

Want your very own necklace and bracelet? IT’S YOURS! Just:

  • Tell me in one line your favorite thing about a city you love.
  • Like UrbanNATURES on Facebook.
  • Follow them on Instagram.

Anyone can enter (in the USA, possibly Canada), and anyone can win! I’ll choose a winner next Friday. Good luck!



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26 thoughts on “UrbanNATURES Jewelry Giveaway!

  1. Krista

    My favorite city is Indianapolis, because it has the ability to make me feel like I’m part of a large city and a tiny town all at once.

  2. Simone

    That necklace is gorgeous!

    One of my favourite cities is also LA – I love the beach in Santa Monica & the palm trees…always the palm trees.

  3. Germana

    My favorite city is Boston. Because, Boston is my home and I love that dirty water*.

    *I don’t really like dirty water. Also, I think they cleaned up the harbor so the water isn’t as dirty as it used to be.

  4. Sarah

    It’s hard to pick ONE favorite thing about LA, but I’ll go with the soothing power of a late-night drive, preferably either up PCH or over Sepulveda from the Valley back to the Westside.

  5. Alexis

    My favorite thing about LA is the energy! There’s always something happening and there’s always a deal being made… it’s magnetic!

  6. Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com

    One of my favorite things about D.C. is that it feels like a step up from the suburbs but still a step down from most other big cities – exciting & interesting & cultured, but still manageable for this Midwesterner.

  7. kelly

    My favorite things about SF are that there is always something awesome to do, the awesome music and comedy that you can take in, the weather and always having an excuse to bundle up with a hot drink and Netflix (the fog).

  8. Ashley

    The closest I’ve ever come to bliss living in NYC happens when I walk through the West Village on those quiet Sunday mornings when everyone is sleeping off their hangovers.

  9. Leena

    I love Burlington, Ontario because unlike Toronto, my mayor doesn’t smoke crack!!

    (ps. didn’t have instagram, so I followed on twitter instead)

  10. Kelly

    My favorite city is New York because I can get pretty much any food at any time in any borough that I desire. Tacos at 2 AM in brooklyn? No problem. Waffles on the upper east side at 5 AM? Easy peasy. You just have to know the good spots!

  11. Nilita

    My favorite city is Kingston, Ontario where I currently live – the people, the weather, the history, the food and most of all, the city’s relaxed, laid-back aura. I love how Kingston has different moods each season – its divine-ness on the morning after a night of snow, its breathtakingly beautiful lakeside in the spring, its quiet and contemplative summer and finally, its Hogwarts-like beauty on a cool, crisp autumn morning!

  12. Katie

    Growing up I loved visiting Branson for it’s tacky charm, now I love it for the highly under appreciated vintage stores.

  13. Elizabeth H.

    My favorite city is a little one near Sarasota, Florida. It has the perfect balance of sun and shade. The water is a heavenly shade, and the sunsets are glorious. It is a plane trip away, but it feels like home. :)

  14. Chiamaka

    I love all of the cities I’ve visited and what I love the most are the corner performances, the new styles and pizza :)

  15. Bridget

    I live in and love Phoenix because we are still a relatively new city and are constantly growing and changing and making a unique name for ourselves–so much culture, music and art with a Southwest influence!

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