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Photo by Joseph Szabo.

I want someone to sweep me off my feet, the way Romney sweeps all questions about his tax returns under the rug. Fuck it, I am a romantic at heart. I’ve tried to tell myself that I’m not. Today, I am coming forth and admitting my truth: I like romance, I like to be romanced, and I love the fuck out of candles. Someone adore me. Really, truly adore me. Because we all deserve that. We should all have that experience, of being Tears For Fears-style head over heels and have it being reciprocated. That’s the key, you don’t want to be the creep who is in like with someone who has no interest. Yeah, that sucks, but you have to find a way to accept the situation and walk away. The sooner you learn how to do this, the better. I found that the only way to get over someone is to find someone else to get under. I don’t mean that in a sexual way, but if you want to interpret it as that, go ahead, why not.

I’m sick of all this hipster cynicism. I like looking at photos of people who are in love. As long as they’re not ugly, I mean, let’s not get carried away. I like when people do adorable stupid shit like surprise their loved one with a Doctor Who painting or whatever the fuck the kids like these days. I like looking at photos of weddings and I like reading the stories of how when the bride and groom first saw each other, they couldn’t speak, because they were so overwhelmed by their feelings of complete love and joy. I’m really sick of the whole attitude of, “Fuck it, we’re all going to die one day, nothing lasts forever, and everything has an expiration date.” Is that really how you want to live your life? Wouldn’t you rather be happy?

Someone back me up on this. Or argue with me, that’s fine too.


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15 thoughts on “Swept.

  1. Mia

    Hmmm. Funny. I was just sitting at work today and thinking about the realities and fantasies of love, the constant war between brain vs. heart. I was thinking about my own personal romanticism and whether or not it was a lie or truth for me (I think it can be a little bit of both).

    You post just confirmed my thoughts and desires that I would like to experience when it comes to love. Sometimes, you just have to let your trust and faith lead you towards what is really in your heart. Don’t let doubt and fear be blockades on that road, or you will never get what you want.

    it will happen. It will happen. (I say this for you my own benefit as well as yours!)

  2. Ami

    Hey, I’ve never really fallen in love myself. Like, really really in love. Unless you count Alex Turner and a dozen more musician crushes (and no, Almie, Kanye West was NOT one of them, nor could he ever possibly be, tut tut). Anyway. It’s kind of weird I guess but what can I say, it hadn’t happened. You can’t force these things, they just fall on your head. I’m 22, so maybe it’s not mighty weird and I shouldn’t start worrying there’s something awfully wrong with me. I like to think positive. ‘Think pink’ as the saying goes because it’s so much more fun to think in pink. There’s someone out there who’s going to sweep you off your feet and make me feel those butterflies I keep hearing of. Not the same someone, though. We might even meet them tomorrow, WHO KNOWS, RIGHT?

  3. Annika

    Your declaration is very welcome. You have a gift for avoiding corn. But where is the happy middle? Being in like with someone not interested is not good. Hoping for love at first site is just as helpful. Because that’s just last call not what really happens in love stories. Where is the growing affection from and for an old friend?

  4. Shonna

    Here are my responses to this article in the order which they entered my brain. 1) There are a lot of horse poster on the wall of this photo 2) Good article, I like to think that love and the act of striving to find love is a critical part of the human experience and shouldn’t be swept under the rug by some cheap hipster philosophy 3) Having read the previous comments I feel confused… I love Kanye and Doctor Who. But to each their own (?)

  5. Colleen

    I’m the same way… Total romantic in every way. And I get annoyed with the hipster cynics too, and totally disagree with what they’re saying. But at the same time, living miserably unless you have a significant other is just as bad as living your life being hopeless of ever finding one. I think. Does that make sense? I just went through a relatively bad breakup, and I don’t want to be alone. And I realized that even before my relationship, I NEVER wanted to be alone. Which freaked me out cause like, I need to be able to give myself happiness and joy, and not have rely on someone else to come around and love me. But at the same time, I love.. Love in general. And I think it’s a great thing, one of the best feelings. I’m just personally trying to figure the fuck out what will REALLY make me happy and fulfilled. I dunno.

  6. Luna

    I always think I want to fall in love until I meet guys who attempt to woo me. Then I remember that being is love is less fun than watching other people be in love. But I support your dream a hundred and fuck percent. 😀

  7. carly

    You could always avoid hipsters, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult. Your optimistic attitude is good ammunition to be ready when it happens, instead of dismissive!

  8. Nickolena

    My official opinion: guys suck. But thats what makes it all that better/amazing/fantastic when you actually find a guy that sucks less than the rest of them.

    My problem is when I meet a guy, the first thing I ask myself is if I would fuck him. Not the best approach. My new philosophy is to start right on the friend tract. If I can keep a guy as friend long enough, he must not suck.

  9. Brian

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