Vegas, Baby!

Hi Everyone,

I’m back. With photos!








This shit is indoors.


My Life With Nicolas Cage: A Love Story.

Enjoy the swingin’ tunes of Ann-Margret. She’s one of my all time favorites.

Thirteen Men — Ann-Margret
There’ll Be Some Changes Made — Ann-Margret
You’re The Boss — Ann-Margret & Elvis
The Good Life — Ann-Margret
C’est Si Bon — Ann-Margret

I am far too much of a nervous person for gambling. As soon as I won I practically ran away. The first time I sat down at a table, my first time in Vegas, my first time gambling, I played Blackjack and I got 21 on my first hand. “I’m out!” I said, and walked away. Then for the rest of the trip I proceeded to eat everything in my line of vision. The endless stream of buffets is how life should be everywhere. The weight I gained was probably the equivalent to that of a small toddler. But it was worth it.

Check This Recording in a few days for my review of Las Vegas! That’s right I review THE WHOLE CITY.


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11 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. Polly Belle Cartel

    What is that food? aaaand, I can't believe that's indoors. My love of the outdoors is challenged.

  2. Jess

    Funny thing about the Bellagio…I got all my favorite gold jewelry stolen from my damn room there! It will be forever tainted for me (even though it was my fault for not locking it up in the safe). Speaking objectively though, it is a pretty decent place to stay.

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